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  1. jhexp

    63 Junior Pot Cavity

    Just wanted to get the experts here to have a look at this pot cavity from a 63 jr. Does it all look original? It does look very clean... Thanks.
  2. jhexp

    Wiring on this 67 Special

    I posted this in the vintage section but it seems pretty quiet there. Has this been altered? The green an red wires look like replacements. Does a missing shield cause any issues?
  3. jhexp

    Thoughts on this 67 Special

    Another one I'm going to look at. If there's anything amiss, changed wiring etc? Is there a way to tell if the pickups are original?
  4. jhexp

    Pete Townshend 2000 Custom Shop

    Just wondering if anyone here owns or has played one? These are the one's that were limited to 250 guitars. There's one locally for sale for not much more than a second hand Custom Shop Special. It has all the stuff that came with it, cases etc, not that I'm really bothered about that. I'd buy...
  5. jhexp

    What year is this SG Special?

    Hey guys, A friend of mine sent me some pictures of what a sellers says is a 69 SG Special. Looking at the pot code I think it's a 70 but I'm not 100%. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. jhexp

    Pete Townshend SG 2001 (Not Custom Shop)

    Just looking for info from any owners of this guitar. A friend of a friend has one for sale I'll be checking soon. Just wondering if these are one piece bodies, are wired traditionally with a harness or are they circuit board? What's the neck like? Just overall thoughts any of you have. Thanks.
  7. jhexp

    Advice on 60's SG Special prices

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a Special from the 60's. I'm in Australia and it's near impossible to find any here, I have found 1 for sale but the price was ridiculously high. I'm not after a mint guitar, knocks, blemishes etc don't bother me but I'm avoiding anything that's had breaks/cracks...
  8. jhexp

    2011 Gibson SG Standard Reissue VOS Custom Shop Guitar

    Sorry to start another thread, I found a 2011 Gibson SG Standard Reissue VOS Custom Shop for sale locally and am just wondering what the fretboards on these are made of? Are the one piece Rosewood boards, baked maple or something else? Thanks.
  9. jhexp

    TV Yellow 30th Anniversary SG question

    Hey guys noob question here. I'm looking to buy my first SG and really like these anniversary ones. There's a few on ebay at the moment there's one that's quite nice, only thing is every one of these I've seen pictures of has Made in USA on the back of the headstock, this one doesn't. The serial...

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