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  1. NitroSG

    MIJ JDM Elitist Check out that headstock you dirty corksniffers.
  2. NitroSG

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    61 reissue
  3. NitroSG

    NGD! Elitist SG Inbound!

    Should be here Monday, should have my Marshall 1960A cab Monday, should be rocking the house on Monday!!
  4. NitroSG

    SG Supreme Pickups?

    I played an '05 SG supreme at GC recently and the pickups were just ALIVE in that thing compared to every other SG i've played. Are these '57 Classics in the bridge or something else?
  5. NitroSG

    WTB: Cherry or Ebony '61 Reissue SG or Standard w/ 60's Neck

    I've played a lot of different ones so far and came down to the realization the the '61 style slim taper neck is the one for me. I've set aside some cash and am waiting for the right deal. Please PM me what you have and what you're asking for it. I have a Schecter Gryphon, a Behringer GMX-110...
  6. NitroSG

    1960A Marshall or other 4x12?

    Just picked up a Peavey Windsor 100 watter and I'm going to need to put a good cab two under it, are my ears going to know the difference between the same speakers in a cabinet made out of the finest baltic birch harvested from the forests of Lebanon or will MDF suffice? Any other brands to look...

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