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  1. Rusty Chops

    Hey All from New Member

    Nice! Welcome
  2. Rusty Chops

    My new 2021 Gibson SG Tribute

    Had LP & SG Tributes with meaty maple necks. Great idea! My ol’ Telecaster was SUPPOSED to be thrown in the truck bed in a bag, where an SVT can fall on it! So what? You might have to tune one string?
  3. Rusty Chops

    Don't Worry - Gibson is still on their game

    My first guitar teacher had an L-7, and sniffed at Fenders. I grew up on a ‘61 J-45 that the bridge looked like it was lifting on (for the 20 years I owned it). Had many guitars over the years. Seen many flaws and fixes. Still like Gibsons best.
  4. Rusty Chops

    Cleaning my 2009 Gibson SG special faded, worn cherry

    I used lighter fluid and a thumb nail to scrape fingerboard schmutz off my fretboard. NEVER use Goof Off or anything stronger than lighter fluid’s naphtha dose. The heavier naphtha will eat nitrous finishes! Lemon oil afterwards is good.
  5. Rusty Chops

    Don't Worry - Gibson is still on their game

    I’d go for another stimulus check about now!
  6. Rusty Chops

    Don't Worry - Gibson is still on their game

    Love mine! I believe they’re trying to do better in QA issues. Love the neck. Love the sound. No cosmetic oops details. So I bought a B-stock LP to go with (from 2019). Also perfect:
  7. Rusty Chops

    New 99 Standard

    Love that color! Nice score!
  8. Rusty Chops

    Batwing vs non-batwing - school me...

    I’ve had versions of both. Trying to change pickup angles is a pain. I just run ‘em how they come. They all sound fine to me. Prefer bigger necks and 490’s, so cheaper works fine too.
  9. Rusty Chops

    Tuning issues with Maestro Vibrolas?

    On Maestro’s I put a piece of old credit card under the spring steel, between the face of the guitar and the bend. This makes the action more compact and stiff, still functional, but other notes don’t vary as much when I bend. Helps the tuning generally too. In the vintage days the bridge sat...
  10. Rusty Chops


    I’m with ya. It’s about voting for jobs with my wallet, as much as possible. Sure I’m aware, globally. I love everybody. But my vote is most effective with the money I made here, in skilled labor.
  11. Rusty Chops

    New Limited Run: SG Tribute Raven

    Thanks! I was a Tele guy for decades, then got hearing aids, and realized my Showman head needed tubes and a bias job! I like planks. That particular LP Tribute has SD AlNiCo Pro II Slash pickups in it right now, which gives a nice midrange bump, but the 490’s will be going back in (though they...
  12. Rusty Chops

    New Limited Run: SG Tribute Raven

    I saw/handled the LP Raven at GC Chico, CA Didn’t buy it though. Already have an HH Special Tribute. None more black. I didn’t plug it in. Kinda like a LP Special HH, but with TOM & stopbar. No pickguard. I generally like maple neck tributes, Specials, et al. But I’m full up presently. The...
  13. Rusty Chops

    My gibson sg

    I’ve played with drummers like that. Excruciating!
  14. Rusty Chops

    First SG: Standard vs Standard 61'?

    My 2021 SG Standard compartment:
  15. Rusty Chops

    Gibson SG Standard 61 vs Custom Shop

    My2019 ‘64 CS w Maestro is a grail type guitar. It really feels like a sixties guitar. Worth it to me (at the time). My 2021 ‘61 RI standard w Maestro is very good, and a better value. That said, my 2021 SG Standard sounds better with its standard 490’s, and the neck is perfect.
  16. Rusty Chops

    First SG: Standard vs Standard 61'?

    I like my 2021 ‘61 Standard. LOVE my 2021 SG Standard! I’m a 490’s guy. They’re smooth and full. Plus combined they have a certain “thing.” Next month, it may be my ‘61 I LOVE!
  17. Rusty Chops


    Mine too. 2021 Jr.
  18. Rusty Chops


    Anybody in this red-neck town. :D
  19. Rusty Chops


    What? My brand new USA SG Standard has those Phillips screws! Aargh!!! Next, you’ll be telling me the automatic transmission in my Ford F-150 is a Mazda! I’m as “buy American” as anybody, having been US Labor my entire career. I vote with my wallet as much as possible, but things being as they...
  20. Rusty Chops

    Attaching strap to headstock

    Every picture of Wes Montgomery has a strap around the head of his L5.

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