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  1. Dreamscape

    Tokai SG Korean build

  2. Dreamscape

    Tokai SG Korean build

    Anyone owned or have opinion on the Korean built Tokai SG? I would have thought they would be well built, but the thing that puts me off is they used friggin' Basswood for body construction! I could not imagine a Basswood bodied SG sounding much like a Mahogany SG. The Japanese built use...
  3. Dreamscape

    Gibson SG Limited Edition Blue Teal Flip Flop 2000 model

    One for the left handers I spotted on Lefty Guitar Trader, not mine by the way though wish it was! Not sure how many lefty players on this forum? I will put my hand up :lol:
  4. Dreamscape

    The new Tony Iommi Signature made it into production

    Yeah I'm lefty Bettyboo & that is a joke not making an Iommi in left models when the artist in question is a fuggin' left hander, pack of morons. I wonder how this new Iommi model compares to say a G400 Pro build wise probably no better. And you can pick the G400 Pro lefties up fairly cheap...
  5. Dreamscape

    Klinger MK1 Tonebender 7 EventideH9

    Nice little video by our friend Brett Kingman all done with an SG, hope you like... Whoopsy that is supposed to be an & and not a seven in the thread title I missed the shift button on 'puter, not sure how to edit the thread title.....
  6. Dreamscape

    Favorite Pedal

    My favourite pedal apart from my TC Flashback delay & MI Audio Super Crunch Box is this Blackout Effectors Musket, superb! MUSKET
  7. Dreamscape

    A Christmas-tune from my band GuitCussion

    Freejazz I really liked that, for some reason I thought of Ministry Khyber Pass while listening( Just my warped mind ) :dude: I have to say I was hoping for you to break out into something like 3.09 onwards in this video minus the vocals though!
  8. Dreamscape

    Heart Attack NAD

    Found it to be a bit noisy under full gain with single coils to be expected though, problem fixed brought a used Mooer Noise Killer for $30. Still loving this amp though :dude:
  9. Dreamscape

    Schecter SG Style

    Merry Christmas Guys & Girls....... I spotted this on Facebook looks tasty. :wow:
  10. Dreamscape

    Gibson Custom Shop Tony Iommi SG

    Spotted this looking through the lefty pages of ebay. Out of my price range :laugh2: Gibson Custom Shop Tony Iommi SG Lefty | eBay
  11. Dreamscape

    NAD Laney Iommi 15W

    I used to be a fan of Chappers but after following him on Facebook for a while I have gone off the guy, he is so far into himself. He can play a guitar though! But all of the vibrato he puts into Iommi's solos just sounds wrong though. I have to say the Ibby sounded sweet through that amp also...
  12. Dreamscape

    Any Suggestions?

    Audacity for me, I'm a recording dumb arse & found Reaper to be very good but very complicated, not enough time in the day to shag around with it but would imagine it to be the better of the two if you have a bit of time to fiddle!
  13. Dreamscape

    Had some fun recording my guitar

    Great job really enjoyed your clips especially Ramble On one of my favorite Zeppelin tracks . Got a bit of a shock when I seen your photo on Soundcloud though the Missy on your Avatar threw me didn't realize you had a beard. :-)
  14. Dreamscape

    Anyone else a Joe Walsh fan?

    "Spent the last day Rocky Mountain Way couldn't get much higher"...... Love Joe Rock on man..... JOE WALSH | Rocky Mountain Way | Crossroads Guitar Festival 2004 - YouTube
  15. Dreamscape

    Left-handed players: How do you feel about left handed guitars?

    Being a lefty player all I can say is how much it sucks looking at all the incredible right hand guitars available, while we get lumbered with bottom of the range models in BLACK mostly. I have had that many fights with distributors in Oz on the subject of the lacklustre models they bring in to...
  16. Dreamscape

    NAD - Hotone Heart Attack

    Congrats on the Heart Attack.. I can't stop playing mine. I still think it is more than a one trick pony though....
  17. Dreamscape

    Check it out!

    Hey that is a handy pedal $350?
  18. Dreamscape

    Oh No more new gear!!!

    Sorry if my post misled you mate but I didn't buy one of these I just received an email from Blackstar about the Fly so thought I would share :) Hell I only just purchased my Hotone Heart Attack last week I aint rich I need to buy a bit of food! :laugh2:
  19. Dreamscape

    David Gilmour's signature GHS strings

    Hey Dadou do you use the EMG DG20's in your strat by any chance, if so what are your thoughts?
  20. Dreamscape

    Oh No more new gear!!!

    More new goodies from Blackstar when will the madness end!!!! :ohno: Blackstar Fly 3 and Fly 103 demo - YouTube

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