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  1. Grizzlyman


    I think you did a nice job. I see what you were going for with the matched scratchplate and it does look nice, I think I’d have gone for more of a contrast in colour, but good job. I love the bridge and TOM, chrome is better than gold IMO, gold just wears off….
  2. Grizzlyman

    ESP Viper & GUILD Polara

    I always loved Corrosion of Conformity and they used Vipers for ages!
  3. Grizzlyman

    Vintage vs6

    Good to hear you got your issues sorted! Mine is definitely a tuner problem, you can see the actual tuner seems to be coming apart!
  4. Grizzlyman

    1997 Orville SG

    Don’t know how they feel but it sure looks nice!
  5. Grizzlyman

    Building a SG 'Kit' guitar

    Would love to see some pics!
  6. Grizzlyman

    Vintage VS6

    Somewhere between a slim taper and a D profile…
  7. Grizzlyman

    Vintage vs6

    Nice guitars. I’ve had mine quite a long time now and the tuners need replacing. The original white has faded to a cool cream with a tinge of green. The gold hardware has also tarnished in a nice way. It still plays great other than the tuner slipping…
  8. Grizzlyman

    Vintage VS6

    Pretty similar to my Epi G400
  9. Grizzlyman

    Tribute rosewood fretboard comment/question.

    Looks like normal rosewood to me… rather than dyed.
  10. Grizzlyman

    Tribute rosewood fretboard comment/question.

    Any pictures?
  11. Grizzlyman

    Who is Your Favorite…

    Zappa Angus Clapton Trucks But Iommi is the master.
  12. Grizzlyman

    NGD: Epi SG Custom Ebony

    Looks lovely!
  13. Grizzlyman

    1968 SG Junior - what to do with this one?

    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
  14. Grizzlyman

    New player

    Here’s my advice…. 1. Pick some songs that you like. 2. Learn them. Good luck!
  15. Grizzlyman

    Tips for my Epiphone SG P-90 with Sabbra Cadabra

    To answer your other 2 questions… Feedback shouldn’t be a problem if you have good pickups, and Iommi often uses some tasteful feedback. For Iommi’s solos he turns up his volume on the guitar. That’s pretty much it apart from when he adds Wah or delay, but he doesn’t use a volume boost for...
  16. Grizzlyman

    Tips for my Epiphone SG P-90 with Sabbra Cadabra

    Hi there. Sounds like you have a cool setup. I’m a big Iommi fan too. I have used the Sabbra cadabra pedal but I sold it as I found it too noisy. I use SGs with P90s too. My best rig for pure Iommi style tone was the Laney VH100R amp head through my old carlsbro 4x12. Amp handled all overdrive...
  17. Grizzlyman

    NGD: Lefty Gibson SG Standard

    Nice guitar man, enjoy it! I have an SG special and really like the bridge pup in that, but I think that’s a 490T too. I have a few with Iommi humbuckers and they sound great. Otherwise I’m on P90s these days in my SG juniors. Bare Knuckle Pig 90s. Amazing. I’m sure Bare Knuckle also do amazing...
  18. Grizzlyman

    Clip of the Harley Benton SG Junior w/Bare Knuckle pup rocking out!

    Hey folks! For anyone interested, here is a minute and a half clip of me rocking out the Harley Benton DC-60 Junior, loaded with a Bare Knuckle Pig 90, Schaller 456 bridge, 50s wiring harness from James’ Home of Tone. Rig is Korg Pitchblack Mini, Dunlop CAE Wah, Mooer Phaser, Mooer Green Mile...
  19. Grizzlyman

    New SG Jr (Lefty) Original Collection- Disappointing Set-Up

    Wow, that nut looks like it has been broken and repaired… Honestly my Harley Benton has better neck finishing. That’s such a shame, I’m not knocking Gibsons, I have one too. Hope you get it sorted to your liking, that looks like a lovely colour. Any full pics of the guitar?
  20. Grizzlyman

    NGD - SG Tony Iommi Special

    That’s lovely, congrats!

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