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    New member, NGD

    Looks amazing! What will you play on that fine thing? Health to enjoy!
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    NGD: Gibson Custom Shop 1963 SG Junior in Bright TV Yellow

    Pure sex. Fantastic finish! Health to enjoy!
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    Gibson SG Junior 2019

    Thanks guys for all the replies. I see now that there is an updated 2020 model with the lightening tailpiece rather than a standard wraparound. GASing hard.
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    2020 SG Standards and 61s: Quality?

    Fantastic historical explanations here:
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    2020 SG Standards and 61s: Quality?

    Have you got any links to any photo examples. This is interested because I am GASing for a SG Junior and noticed the price difference between the two models. But I thought they were the same specs. Edit: Edit to say I've very quickly googled this and have seen the photos on Sweetwater.... Do...
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    Gibson SG Junior 2019

    Dear all, This is my first post so thanks for letting me join the gang! I am looking to buy a SG Junior 2019. I am completely obsessed. I am a regular over at I play a 2013 R8. It is a glorious guitar. But I'm looking for something stripped back that is a bit lighter, a bit...

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