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  1. nbeersiii

    Been a while hope everybody is well

    My phone won't let me access this site anymore for some reason after I had to replace my Sim card. I got my wife this tablet a while ago and could have used this but I just been to busy and hate touch screen. Anyway just wanted to say hey and lurk around a bit. When I get my settlement from my...
  2. nbeersiii

    My opinion on the 2014 Gibson SGJ

    I have the 14 LPJ and I love the maple neck and I really love the 61 pickups. They have just the right amount of umph I was looking for. I want a set for my Special HH cause the 490T blows.
  3. nbeersiii

    White SG Club

    do it
  4. nbeersiii

    White SG Club

    I painted this myself and am not really finished yet. I couldnt take the worn brown station wagon look anymore.
  5. nbeersiii

    Am I the only one?

    I gibson hadnt sad anything about baked maple and just did it most would never know
  6. nbeersiii

    Is it possible for pickups to get better the more you play them?

    I know the mag doesnt get stronger i was wondering about the surrounding metal becoming more magnitized.
  7. nbeersiii

    Is it possible for pickups to get better the more you play them?

    I figured as much but I did wonder if it took the poles a while to gain the A5s full magnitism. I also noticed the pickup was offset from the strings a tad bit so I fixed that and readjusted the hieght and that may have done it. There is a diffrence for the better.
  8. nbeersiii

    Is it possible for pickups to get better the more you play them?

    Im either finally hearing something i like from the 490T in my special HH or the alnico5 magnet I installed is breaking in . Anybody know of a burn in phase like with speakers? I swear the pickup sounded flat but now its getting some soul it seems.
  9. nbeersiii

    2014 Gib SG Special fretboard issue

    that guitar came with a 490t in the bridge? My special HH has one and it seems kinda blah to me.
  10. nbeersiii

    Finally found a 60" Leather strap

    how low are you slinging your guitars
  11. nbeersiii

    NGD SG jr. What goes round......

    Anybody know you had them
  12. nbeersiii

    Can you tell if this is a baked maple or a rosewood board?

    I dont know if there is much sound diffrence but the baked maple board on my special is more ridgid and thats a good thing on an SG if you ask me and you cant really see much diffrence anyway so who cares.
  13. nbeersiii

    Removing 2013 SGJ Pickup covers

    My 14 has 50s
  14. nbeersiii

    Removing 2013 SGJ Pickup covers

    I thought they came with 50s or a 60s profile necks
  15. nbeersiii

    Removing 2013 SGJ Pickup covers

    bad lighting but its a fireburst
  16. nbeersiii

    Removing 2013 SGJ Pickup covers

    I had to spiff up my 14 LPJ. I put a nickle cover on the neck pickup and added a LP custom pickguard and new reflector knobs and a blank TRC.
  17. nbeersiii

    NSGD! (and your gentlemen's opinions)

    put three p90s in it
  18. nbeersiii

    And after 13 months...

    Ill pass. Not my thing but im sure some might like it like the guys who like those metal knobs that weigh a ton.
  19. nbeersiii

    And after 13 months...

    yeah my 14 LPJ has a really thin finish. Its gonna wear off fast.
  20. nbeersiii

    Worn brown SG special is now white

    It came stock with a plain black batwing guard I changed it to 3ply BWB and it has the stock 490R and T. I put witch hats on it cause I dont like the blck bell knobs that came on it. I bought it used for 400 bucks.

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