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  1. rotorhead

    Biddlin' Foster

    Sad to hear. I always liked his posts and the edge he had. Much love to the family during this time.
  2. rotorhead

    1979 “The SG” Value?

    That's a good deal. I'd really be drooling if it was the Firebrand version.
  3. rotorhead

    Where Is Mick Taylor's SG?

    It was stolen in the early 70s (71?) with a bunch of other guitars and stuff and never recovered as far as I know.
  4. rotorhead

    Simple Question and Poll

    I'm not sure about anyone being dim-witted due to simple grammar or spelling mistakes, but I do know that as soon as I rag someone about it, I'll mess something up in a similar way- usually within my next 5 posts or so.
  5. rotorhead

    You're Welcome

    Maybe it was the South Koreans...? :O
  6. rotorhead

    2021 Gibson SG Standard-soft case

    They stopped supplying a HSC for Standards in either 2019 or 2020, I believe.
  7. rotorhead

    Hey guys. Im going to sell a sg for economic reason

    Neither. Keep them both and rob convenience stores if you need to.
  8. rotorhead

    Gibson solid color question

    Because, in general, the paints they use for solid colors are thicker than the stains they use for bursts, etc.
  9. rotorhead

    SG to tech for neck work - questions to ask?

    You could try the direct route and just ask the person if they're any good because you don't have the time or money to waste. Plug in words like "relief", "intonation" and things like that. If the person has a blank look on their face, it's on to the next one.
  10. rotorhead

    mystery guitar

    I know my memory of it is....
  11. rotorhead

    NGD 2013 Angus Young “Thunderstruck”

    Nice grab!
  12. rotorhead

    Strap locks and straps thread

    Idk why, but I've never needed strap locks on any SG I've owned or played. Les Pauls... yes. No doubt, especially on the "top" peg. I guess I'm just standing right with SGs lol. But, I go with Schallers due to the simplicity of the spring latch thing when installing or removing the straps...
  13. rotorhead

    Is it just me or are modern (2020s) SGs living up to the standard?

    The issues you describe sound more like set-up problems and less like manufacturing problems. The "guitar techs" at GC are often less than adequate and are comparable to Geek Squad computer "techs". Not all, of course, but finding a decent reliable one is rare. Good luck on your search.
  14. rotorhead

    Altered tunings

    I keep one guitar in open G (5 string version ala Keith Richards) at all times just to have it available. It's pretty simple and there's a lot you can do with it. Changing keys for different songs is just a matter of putting a capo on whatever fret.
  15. rotorhead

    2021 Gibson SG Standard-soft case

    I can see why the rep had no clue as to what you're talking about. Are you saying that you'd prefer the brown case, the black case, or some other new color?
  16. rotorhead

    SHARPIE !! ouch..

    I can't vouch for using it on coated wood, but I know it worked perfectly on my 9mm pistol. It was stolen a few years back and when it was found and returned via the sheriff's evidence room, it was covered with case ID numbers, etc, written in Sharpie. The dry-erase marker trick worked like a...
  17. rotorhead

    SHARPIE !! ouch..

    You could try tracing the marks with a dry erase marker over them and then rubbing it off.
  18. rotorhead

    Storage Question

    Or...put some Schaller S-locks on it. You can then easily quick disconnect the strap and not worry about. I have them on my LPJ.
  19. rotorhead

    Storage Question

    Another option is to roll up the strap starting at the end enough to tuck the rolled part into the space created by either of the horn cutouts and under where the neck joins the body. That way it wont be creating any extra tension on the fret board and strings.
  20. rotorhead

    Fender Champion 100 Amp Not So Great With SG Standard

    I have the same amp and run a LP, SG and a Sheraton II through it. Each one take a few tweaks on the dials to bring out the sounds I want, individually. It's a decent utility amp for whatever I plug into it.

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