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  1. Raiyn

    Roller Bridge on a Hardtail SG - Pro or Con?

    I've had one on my G400 for years now, I'd never go back. The stock bridge was garbage.
  2. Raiyn

    The Boss Katana Amp Club

    There are so many pedals and patches (official and unofficial) you'll find a sound you like.
  3. Raiyn

    WTB: Gibson SG-1 1973

  4. Raiyn

    The Boss Katana Amp Club

    No warranty voidage. As others have said, a factory reset will clear any sneaky amp shenanigans.
  5. Raiyn

    Need a case.

    Mine's not a '66, but for my G400 I use Old pictures One confidence inspiring case. Deals can be had around the same ballpark as a Tolex Epiphone case if one's Shop-Fu is strong. Well worth it since you can beat a...
  6. Raiyn

    NGD G400 Pro

  7. Raiyn

    NGD G400 Pro

    Isn't this thread from February? OP hasn't been here since then either....
  8. Raiyn

    NGD G400 Pro

    Small guard all day.
  9. Raiyn

    Greetings from the Far North

    Check the dates on the stuff you're replying to. This thread left off in January.
  10. Raiyn

    Sg 3 way switch wiring

  11. Raiyn

    The VOX MV50 – A revolutionary new amplifier

    Uh huh, have you tried it? No? Shocker. They didn't just yank the guts out of a VCR and call it an amp. This was a purpose built unit. They've been out over a year (this thread was nearly a year dead) and surprise nobody is saying anything like what you posted.
  12. Raiyn

    Boss TU3 or TU3W

    Or off to the side.... Generally the tuner is the first pedal in your chain. It doesn't go in the the loop.
  13. Raiyn

    Boss TU3 or TU3W

  14. Raiyn

    Boss TU3 or TU3W

    Nice! I dunno, I thought about the Custom, but the Darth Vader / Cylon / Knight Rider vibe of the Advance kinda won me over. :cheers:
  15. Raiyn

    G400 and Staying in Tune?

    Didn't read the article....not surprising.
  16. Raiyn

    G400 and Staying in Tune?

    A Halloween novelty vs.
  17. Raiyn

    G400 and Staying in Tune?

  18. Raiyn

    G400 and Staying in Tune?

    Not really. The "retaining" wire was as effective as if it was installed by a British dentist.
  19. Raiyn

    G400 and Staying in Tune?

    Famous last words -That sounds terrible, can I try? Just don't. It's a way to get a pseudo trem effect, but it's not that great. If you insist: Strum, brace the guitar, usually by pushing the body towards you and push the neck forward. It's a Bad Idea™ and it's a worse one with a bolt on neck.
  20. Raiyn

    The bond with your instrument(s)...

    I'm right handed, but I've never been able to use a right handed hockey stick, it never felt right. A lefty stick is way more natural for me. Unknown Hinson is in the same sort of boat as you, when he learned his father had him learn righty.

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