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  1. WavMixer

    Yo Six, Haven't seen you around for a while. Are you OK?

    Yo Six, Haven't seen you around for a while. Are you OK?
  2. WavMixer

    Electric Lady Land

    I still need to wire up the orange tele. I have all the parts, just haven't had the motivation. I also have one more custom made SG shaped guitar to add to the family picture.
  3. WavMixer

    Electric Lady Land

    Perhaps I should have named this thread Eclectic Lady Land :yesway:
  4. WavMixer

    Questions about specifications of first SG (61 - 63)

    All of the lost info is what led me to this site. :-(
  5. WavMixer

    Show your unique telecasters

    Everytime I see this, I fall in lust all over again!
  6. WavMixer

    Show your unique telecasters

    I like that metalic orange Squire in the front. I have the same one on my work bench right now. I acquired it as a bare body and separate neck. It has two Tyson Tone Lab humbuckers waiting to go in it.
  7. WavMixer

    Triple P90 SG goodness

    Nice job Dave!
  8. WavMixer

    Pet Peaves

    I hate it when the person ahead of me is texting or facebooking after the light turns green. Thank god for horns! I don't just give them a short beep, I stay on the horn until they are moving.
  9. WavMixer

    NGD Amazon Exclusive 2017 SG VSB

    Oh my what a lovely guitar that is. One piece body to boot! Congratulations, it looks like it was worth the wait.
  10. WavMixer

    Pet Peaves

    Cigarette smokers that hold there cigarette out the window of their car so it ends up in my car. I can understand them not wanting to stink their own car up with smelly cigarette smoke, but what makes them think that I want it in my car? I use to smoke them years ago and did the same thing. Now...
  11. WavMixer

    Score! Chocolate 50's Tribute

    I am a certified chocoholic. I love chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffles... but alas I am diabetic and have to settle for sugar free chocolate now a days. However your chocolate SG is just making my mouth water. I prefer wood grain instead of paint, and brown wood over red...
  12. WavMixer

    SG neck dive solution

    Just don't try doing any Pete Townshend whirls
  13. WavMixer

    SG neck dive solution

    Well this guitar has no problem with neck dive. Got some real good tone cinder block mojo goin on here. BTW, I have one of these piezo pickups on one of my guitars.
  14. WavMixer

    SG neck dive solution

    Although I really like the way that this guitar looks, I have to politely disagree with you. Tone Plastic is where it's at!
  15. WavMixer

    Guitar stands

    Hmmmmm.... i think i like this.
  16. WavMixer

    New member, NGD 2016 Standard

    Welcome BraveNewBat. you know what they say... Once you go SG, you never turn back.
  17. WavMixer

    NGD: Epiphone Brendon Small Snow Falcon Flying V

    Now that is a sharp looking guitar!
  18. WavMixer

    a story about an SG

    I have been known to open my mouth and remove all doubt on many occasions :redface:
  19. WavMixer

    a story about an SG

    Good looking SG there stagecraft. I like your philosophy of not talking unless you have something to say. Two thumps up, one for the SG and one for the philosophy. Some of us here might be better guitar players if our fingers spent as much time on the fretboard as they do on the keyboard.
  20. WavMixer

    NSGD !!

    Salt & Pepper Gibsons!! Nice :bowdown:

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