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    1970 SG Special questions?

    The seller changed his mind and decided to keep it, so no new guitar for me.
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    1970 SG Special questions?

    I know there's certainly issues around the guitar, and typically I wouldn't go near a guitar that has had these issues, but I know the person selling it, and I also know that it spent most of the last 10 years as part of a high-end rental shop for studio work & high end artists, and as such...
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    1970 SG Special questions?

    Hi Everyone! Long time lurker, though I haven't posted much. I've got questions for you all about a players grade 1970 SG special that recently came up locally for what seems a reasonable price. Pictures below! The guitar has had a repaired headstock break in its life (I know a tech who has...
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    Fender hot rod deluxe- be warned !

    Andy uses a Deluxe Reverb. Totally different amp (and as am amp tech, I can also attest to the vintage re-issues being more reliable than the hot rod series amps from fender). The Hot Rod Deluxe isn't as bad as some would have you believe, but they generally do have some issues. Still...
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    SG Standard P-90

    I also picked one up. Love it. It has quickly become my number 1 guitar and my tele & es-335 are being dearly neglected! The guitar can do anything with those p-90s. I'm really enjoying the feel & sound of the baked maple too. Great guitars.
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    New SG Standard P90??

    I agree, the pricing doesn't make a lot of sense... I mean, even comparing it to the classic - it seems you get a number of upgrades - creme binding instead of white, inlays, tone pros tuners, and a hard shell case - all for the same price? I wonder if they are under pricing some of their...
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    New SG Standard P90??

    New here. I just bought one of these great guitars. Really really nice guitar. Mine is super resonant - chords ring out like no other guitar I've ever played. Of course maybe that is an SG thing - since it is my first SG (after owning a number of les pauls, telecasters, strats, a 335, etc)...

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