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  1. 3 Headed Moses

    New(used) "faded" SG

  2. 3 Headed Moses

    What's your most regrettable guitar deal ?

    A few years ago I sold my Gibson Voodoo SG. Not that I didn't like it any more, I just didn't play it as often. The price on those has really gone up and I wish I'd have held onto it. Not just because it's worth more, but because I genuinely miss playing it. I had it for nearly a decade. I'm not...
  3. 3 Headed Moses

    Is this Rosewood or baked maple?

    Yup, me thinks maple.
  4. 3 Headed Moses

    My first Gibson mod

    Looks pretty f'n cool.
  5. 3 Headed Moses

    Matching set!

  6. 3 Headed Moses

    Matching set!

    I'll let you decide that. Here's me:
  7. 3 Headed Moses

    Pete should really go back to using SGs.

    "Pete should really go back to using SGs." THANK YOU!!! I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking this.
  8. 3 Headed Moses

    Matching set!

    My collection thus far:
  9. 3 Headed Moses

    Matching set!

    After my hardware change-outs were completed. Pretty cool, eh? :thumb:
  10. 3 Headed Moses

    Grabbed an SG JR today !

    I'm all full of lust right now!
  11. 3 Headed Moses

    NGD--Trucks SG

    Wonderful sg! Congrats!
  12. 3 Headed Moses

    Ngd sgj

    Those were built to not have pickguards so you may have trouble getting one to fit. You can always trim one down in the space between the pickup mounting rings. You'll have to also drill holes for the pickguard screws. Just know that if you do make a mod like that, there's no going back.
  13. 3 Headed Moses

    What brand of amp do you like to use with your SG?

    I don't have either of these anymore but, just throwin' em out there: Peavey and Ampeg.
  14. 3 Headed Moses

    What's The Heaviest Gauge String You Can Put On A Faded Special?

    You can use any string on any guitar as long as you accommodate the setup/hardware to match. I used 12's and 13's some many years ago. As long as you make the right adjustments, any decent guitar should be capable of it.
  15. 3 Headed Moses

    What brand of amp do you like to use with your SG?

    Agreed. There are some great Peavey amps. Like the Classics, Butcher, or VTM.:thumb:
  16. 3 Headed Moses

    What brand of amp do you like to use with your SG?

    JCM 900 SL-X :dude: Damn, I'm a little surprised to see the Fender crows in the lead :dunno: No matter. SG's rock regardless of the brand that amplifies them!
  17. 3 Headed Moses

    Ever had a guitar stolen? tell your story here:

    I was playing a show in St. Louis a bit over a decade ago. We usually loaded up after the gig in the same fashion: 2 guys outside, 2 guys in, in a constant rotation to move the gear to the van. That way we kept the gear in both locations well guarded. Well, somehow we didn't stick to the plan...
  18. 3 Headed Moses

    My mutilated '61 reissue.

    You could pull out the bushings, fill in the holes with wood filler (little bit at a time), stain it, then clear coat.
  19. 3 Headed Moses

    Anyone want to help flesh out my crescent moon project?

    Only on high-end models. The rest, like Specials or Studios, get the paint job.
  20. 3 Headed Moses

    Tonal Differences Between A 490T And A 500T?

    Currently, in one I have a Dirty Fingers in the bridge with a 498 in the neck, and in the other I have a 490 set.

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