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  1. nicolas13

    Neck dive: A permanent solution.

    use a guitar strap like this or similar. I think it must be made of leather or similar material. with a width of 6.5 cm (2.5 inch), at least so is mine. and you'll never have problems with neck diving again :dude::dude: sg is perfect, so they try to find things that don't exist to discredit...
  2. nicolas13

    Will push pull pots fit?

    insert the push / pull into the cavity. and let's get the head out of the hole. now working from the external surface, if it is necessary (in case the hole is bigger than the push / pull pot head), we can insert a washer before inserting the nut. so the nut around the pot will be screwed onto...
  3. nicolas13

    Will push pull pots fit?

    if the push / pull have this size or smaller, then for 99% they will be fit in the cavity
  4. nicolas13

    sg custom 3H serie/parallel

    I finally managed to make all the changes. and since most of the information I got from you, I think it's fair to share. the problem is that I am not a technician to write the drawing correctly. (I used a program ("diylc"). I hope it's understandable. maybe it will be useful for someone who has...
  5. nicolas13

    Can anyone decipher this writing?

    maybe ducan N (duncan N)
  6. nicolas13

    sg custom 3H serie/parallel

    thanks for the answers. I also thought for sure the neck humbucker, I was undecided whether to change the middle or the bridge. maybe plankton is right and so I'll try the middle. I had tried the configuration with three volumes and one tone. but it was not exactly what I wanted, so I opted for...
  7. nicolas13

    sg custom 3H serie/parallel

    I apologize in advance for my English. I have a sg custom with 3 humbuckers, and I changed the two potentiometers for the tone with two push / pull. which give me together with 3-way switch all the 7 possible combinations. now I want to have the possibility to choose between series / parallel...
  8. nicolas13

    Three Humbucker LP wiring question

    if I understand correctly, because my English is bad, you want to use each separate humbucker, with each its volume \ tone pot. because I have no experience with the double cut, maybe they have a different switch from the sg custom. but if in case they use a similar switch, you have to follow...
  9. nicolas13

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    playing with the three humbucker is a bit different than playing with the three single coils, because there is no space for picking. but like everything about the guitar "is a matter of habit".
  10. nicolas13

    Post your Gibson SG’s!

    is the sg (les paul) custom model of 1989. bought in 1990. and is still the most beautiful, at least for me
  11. nicolas13

    Show your 3 pickup SGs!

    89 '62 Les Paul SG Reissue . with two push / pull potentiometers for tone. one activates the neck pickup in all 3 positions of the switch. and the other when opening, ground the bridge pickup signal. combining these two push / pull with the switch, you can get all 7 combinations. when the push...