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  1. DPaulCustom

    MHD pickup set & Duncan designed set

    This is the 'Douchebag' set, predecessor to the Hollywood Douchebags, in good condition. Neck has app 12in of lead, bridge has app 8.5 inches. $100 pp'd & shipped in the CONUS Duncan designed 101n & 102b full factory leads on both $60 pp'd & shipped CONUS only Shipping will be...
  2. DPaulCustom

    Mouse Pad neck pup

    Had to call it something, & that was the first thing I saw when deciding. Just a quick test of my latest neck wind. 7.7k RCA2 magnet.
  3. DPaulCustom

    Lots of strange things

    First one I've seen Looks like the bridge has been swapped REF Been seeing some strange characters on cl lately
  4. DPaulCustom

    Anybody seen one?

    This popped up on the local C'list. Not looking to buy, but I figured I'd throw it up here, & see if it's real.
  5. DPaulCustom

    '79 "The SG" I'm sure it's outta my budget!!