1. NoiseNinja

    Your Personal Top 10 of Guitarist Who Inspires You The Most!

    As said make a list of the 10 guitarists who personally inspires you the most, not necessarily in any particular order. Mine are, in no particular order: - Syd Barrett - Nick Drake - Alan Sparhawk - Bill Frisell - Fred Frith - Thurston Moore - Lee Ranaldo - Sonny Sharrock - Frank Zappa -...
  2. T

    SG Classic, humble brag?

    I've owned several SG's throughout the years and really enjoyed most of them (Standards, specials, and a '61 RI). I gigged and recorded with a 2000 Standard for many shows that I was particularly fond of. However....I just got a 2006 SG Classic and it is hands down the BEST SG I've ever...

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