coil splitting

  1. TChalms

    Epi SG-G310 Upgraded pickups and pots

    And it made a world of difference. I installed a SeymourDuncan SH-2n Jazz at the neck and an SH-16 59/Custom Hybrid at the Bridge. And I installed the Mad Hatter Guitar Products Terminator DVDT-4/2 solderless pots for coil splitting. The big difference, besides the solderless connectors, is...
  2. Marky Forrest

    Coil Splitting

    I've been playing for a very long time but just recently discovered this cool Forum. I bought a new 2017 Gibson Standard SG HP in 2017. It has Classic 57's and plays great and I love it. My question is how difficult and expensive is it to install push/pull pots? I always do my own setups and...

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