1. B

    Incoming NGD: 1988 Burny SG 61 custom 3 pickup in cherry red

    If anyone knows anything about these cherry red Burny RSG-70 customs please share your info here. This guitar is the only example in cherry red that I’ve seen pictures of online and it’s used as a reference photo on Solid Guitar Fandom. Solid Guitar Fandom lists cherry red as an option in 1989...
  2. Pierce Murphy

    It’s got a tailpiece now

    I bought this brand new 2014 SGM from a shop here in Colorado for the used price cus they changed out the robot tuners the second it came through the door, apparently. Since then I added the pickguard, changed the knobs, switch tip, put nickel pickup covers over the ‘61 zebra guys that were...
  3. RedG

    Sg electrical help for custom build guitar

    I’ve built SG style guitar from scratch(the body) from an old bar top and I have these pick ups I bought which have an black earth wire, yellow/green & red conversion wire and a white live wire. (I’ll add pictures to show) I also have a les Paul solderless wiring harness. I’ve wired it with the...
  4. RedG

    Sg electric help

    I’ve built SG style guitar from scratch(the body) from an old bar top and I have these pick ups I bought which have an black earth wire, yellow/green & red conversion wire and a white live wire. (I’ll add pictures to show) I also have a les Paul solderless wiring harness. I’ve wired it with the...
  5. T

    WTB a MIJ 3 pickup SG

    Hi, I’m looking for a white one like the Greco or Tokai but if there are others I’d be very interested too. Please PM me
  6. P

    What do you think of this upgrade on a Gibson LP Standard?

    Do you think this was worth the £1500 in upgrades or should I have left it as it was? It plays absolutely brilliantly!
  7. P

    Wanted: Frank Zappa Roxy SG

    Hi, I have wanted this guitar, the Zappa Roxy SG ever since it came out in 2013. The problem is, that only 400 were made and they fly off the shelves of the internet every time they get stocked. If anyone has one for sale, or knows someone who is selling one, or even has one at all and can maybe...
  8. FormerRogues

    'Modern' SG custom build - ideas and questions for a potential build

    Hi there, I am currently playing around with the idea to have a local luthier build me a custom SG, however I thought getting some info and advice from some builders around the forum would be a good idea as well. As a fan of the SG, and owner of a few over my time playing guitar, I have always...
  9. Notslavvy

    Gibson Custom Historic 1962 Les Paul/ SG Standard VOS (2006) Guitar Center Limited Edition (#125/200

    Gibson informed me this serial number belongs to a 2006 Custom Historic 62 Reissue It was only made for a year as a limited run by Guitar Center, there are 200 in existence! Stock grovers ABR1 stoptail Classic 57’s Larger neck profile The only other one I can find online from this run is from...
  10. S-G-78

    Gibson S-G Custom 1978 — Fretting About Frets

    Hi all, new member here. This is my '78 SG custom, what for many years considered my dream guitar (and still do I suppose). It's clearly been well loved in the past, but aside from the cosmetic wear has no breaks and still has the original tarbacks (which I love). My only gripes are these...
  11. S

    NGD: SG Custom, P90, Maestro, VOS lamp black

    First thing this morning I checked into another guitar forum and saw a post by someone who'd just received a new guitar with a nasty neck break. Felt really sorry for him, but with an hour to go before the courier was due to arrive, it really wasn't something I wanted to see... Thankfully, it...
  12. C

    2005 SG "CUSTOM MADE"

    Hey all, Chasing info on SG serial 030520363. It has a "Custom Made" plaque and a Bigsby tremallo Looks a bit backyard but not sure? Any information will be appreciated.
  13. M

    Custom SG with oversized body has it been done?

    im ordering a custom built SG FROM A LUTHIER but I have os idea of having the body scaled up a big body with a 24.75 neck scale length I haven’t been able to find anyboversided builds especially for SG OR REALLY ANYTHING THAT ISNT A BARITONE Any one have any pics or direction they can point...
  14. Chenosaurus

    Guitar Kits for SGs

    Hey everyone, i am soon going to undertake my first guitar build (buying a body & neck rather than cut a fresh one myself, not brave or skilled enough for that) i was wondering if anyone had any good advice for guitar kits for an SG? it seems real hard to find a UK supplier. currently i found...
  15. Chenosaurus

    Neckplate for SG Pro G-400

    Hey Everyone, i'm new to this forum and this is my first post, glad to be part of the SG community! i have recently got into modding and customising my SG (e.g. custom scratch plates/volume knobs/replacing pickups) and one thing i really wanted to do was put a cool neckplate on my SG. to my...
  16. Skinny Al


    Hey all! I wanna see all of the weird, crazy, awesome and beautiful SGs that are anything but stock! I´m gonna start with a show and tell about my baby, a 2005 Standard Natural Burst. My customisation: Faux leather paisly pickguard. 4x Push/Push(not Push/Pull) in a Jimmy Page schematic...
  17. Standard'13

    A rare pick guard or home made job?

    The 'flat top' pick guard in my avatar pic, have any of you seen anything like this? There is an old picture of Mary Ford and Les Paul with SG's that have this kind of pick guard as well as a rare "Randy Rhodes" SG with the same pick guard. Is this something Gibson added when doing aftermarket...
  18. Husky33

    New/Replacement pickguards?

    New to this site, but i like it! Never new until today there was a place just for SG lovers hah So i mildly regret painting my pickguard years ago and kind of want a replacement for my G-400. Every site i looked up so far either doesn't have a G-400 style, or they're really not reputable at...
  19. Ceeps

    New to me '69 sg. Correct? How'd I do?

    First Post! Excellent resource here - I was very excited to find this community- thanks all. Like the title suggests, I'd love the experts to weigh-in on this sg and tell me what they think. Please see the photos. Update - having trouble with photobucket and trying to create this thread...
  20. drown

    New Walnut Pickguard

    This arrived from Greece today via ebay. Very quick shipping and turn around. Having a halfwing made for another guitar now. A little concern about the thickness but we'll see how she mounts. Seller is electric_church_pickguards in case anyone is interested. More picks if I'm successful with the...

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