1. NoiseNinja

    Your favorite distortion?

    I've pondred on buying a Mooer Black Secret, Rat clone, that both got vintage and turbo mode, cause I really like the tones I've heard from various demos of it on YouTube, but don't think I am actually going to get one anyway, cause I actually really come to love the high gain distortion tone I...
  2. NoiseNinja

    Your Preferred Pick?

    Which is your preferred choice of pick? Personally I primarily use my fingers, but when not I prefer my picks relatively thin. My favorite is the light gray Dunlop USA Nylon .60mm: Using the round corners for single string picking, as the pick is slightly thicker and stiffer there, but still...
  3. NoiseNinja

    Your Personal Top 10 of Guitarist Who Inspires You The Most!

    As said make a list of the 10 guitarists who personally inspires you the most, not necessarily in any particular order. Mine are, in no particular order: - Syd Barrett - Nick Drake - Alan Sparhawk - Bill Frisell - Fred Frith - Thurston Moore - Lee Ranaldo - Sonny Sharrock - Frank Zappa -...