1. Terrence

    Years of grease/polish on nitrocellulose finish

    Hey guys My vintage SG has years of grime and old polish all over the nitrocellulose finish. When I buff it with a cloth I can still see it all on there and I can Ismear it with my finger. I was going to use Virtuoso cleaner to remove it all. But after i spoke to them, they advised me not to...
  2. Terrence

    1968 vintage tuner button removal- broken shaft

    Hi everyone... I'm looking for some luthier advice please. I need to change a tulip tuner button on my Gibson 1968 SG standard. I accidently snapped off a tuning peg. I managed to source another vintage replacement tuner, but the button was a different shade to the rest of my aged, tobacco...
  3. Terrence

    T-tops or PAF

    Hi everyone.... I have a vintage Gibson SG. The guitar itself appears to be 1968 and the hardware (pot codes) date February 1969. I'm curious to know which kind of pick ups this would have. I've read that it could be either T-tops or PAF. Is there any way to tell without removing the chrome...
  4. Terrence

    Vintage SG jack 1969

    Hi guys Just a small query. I have a 1969 Gibson sg standard. Some years ago I removed the jack socket and put a different one in. (I don't know why, I was young, lol). Anyway, I believe I still have the original part. It's a black rectangle cased jack plug. What I don't have is the washer...
  5. M

    NGD - 2013 Gibson SG Standard Natural Burst

    Hello everyone! So it's been a whilst since I've been on here. I had a break from playing as life/house renovations seemed to get in the way and leave me little free time. I had a 2017 Gibson SG in Vintage Sunburst, but sold it as I needed the funds and I've pretty much regretted it since. I...
  6. D

    Thoughts on this 2020 SG Tribute

    Looking at a used SG Tribute and wanted a second opinion on these photos. Are the stamped letters and serial number on the headstock supposed to look like that? Attaching two photos below. Thanks!!
  7. Mark Love

    Gibson Les Paul Studio Worn Cherry 2010 Excellent

    2010 Gibson Les Paul Studio. Worn Cherry. Gold hardware. Excellent condition, appears seldom played. No scratches, chips, rust, fret wear I can find. I am not a guitar expert by any means, barely play, but acquired these from the original owners estate. My research comes from the Gibson official...
  8. J

    Sell a Gibson, buy an Epiphone

    would i be crazy to sell my 2014 Gibson SGJ and get an Epiphone SG Standard. I bought the SGJ to replace an SG Faded i sold cause i needed money. Price wise they are/were identical. I just really love the Standard. Any thoughts/feedback would be much appreciated.
  9. W

    Cleaning my 2009 Gibson SG special faded, worn cherry

    Hi guys, My Gibson SG special faded has a lot of fretboard gunk on it. Does anyone have some tips on how to clean it properly? Can I use lemon oil on it? The guitar has a baked maple fretboard. The body is also collecting a little gunk. When I try to clean it with a cloth, I have the feeling...
  10. bossaddict

    NGD: 1963 SG Special, Polaris White

    I was contacted back in June by a Gibson Custom Shop employee who saw a post that I made on MLP several years ago featuring my '61 LP/SG Standard. He created an account just to contact me and let me know that he used to own that guitar from around 2000-2010 and was interested in getting it back...
  11. Carrion

    WHITE Binding Madness

    Show some love for the wonderful White binding match of the 2017/18 units !! My 2018 Gibson Standard '61 Somethang !! ' haha in Ebony. She has the greatest White (binding) on White trim ( and nut !!) I think this is a striking combo for an already awesome guitar :) I know that other models...
  12. R

    Hey guys. Im going to sell a sg for economic reason

    I havent decide yet which of the two guitars am selling, one of them is a 1973 gibson sg very used, a dirty tone and beautiful body, the other one is a 1991 gibson sg 61 reissue with the vibrola. Which one would you sell?? Thanks guys
  13. I

    2021 Gibson SG Standard-soft case

    well I have a reserve order for a new SG, but the few ones available had the Brown case, and the look of the guitars turned me off of them, but the last two I got shown had the Black case, (still the last two wasn't my preference), So I called Gibson and asked is the 21' model have a new case...
  14. P

    What do you think of this upgrade on a Gibson LP Standard?

    Do you think this was worth the £1500 in upgrades or should I have left it as it was? It plays absolutely brilliantly!
  15. Notslavvy

    WTB - Gibson SG Standard White 2010 Limited Edition Ebony board w Coil Tap and Burstbuckers

    Guitar center made a limited run of 100 of these and it was the best SG I ever played. Someone please sell me one
  16. W

    Need help with info on this weird SG

    I recently acquired this heavily repaired and modified old SG from a friend for next to nothing. The serial number is 835716 which is apparently either a ‘66 or a ‘69 according to what I can find, but some of the details on it don’t quite fit. The neck has been repaired at least twice at the...
  17. N

    1978 SG Standard humbuckers

    Hello - I have a 1978 SG Standard (Cherry) that I bought in 2001 from Junkyard Guitars in the Detroit area. It had a Super 70 pickup in the bridge position when I got it. Everything else seemed to be stock (Grover tuners, harmonica bridge). I recently found a 1978 chrome Gibson PAT NO pickup...
  18. M

    Help! Really odd pickup problem

    Hey all. Not sure this is the right section. I have a problem with my bridge 498t. It went dead. I've checked all wiring/ resoldered it. Tried it in another guitar and it works for a bit (like a day or so) then goes dead again. It's definitely not the guitars wiring or switch. When it's out...
  19. Neezduts89

    New member/owner of a 2020 Gibby SG standard

    Hello all. I purchased a brand new 2020 Gibson SG standard a few months back and fell in love with it instantly. The guitar sounds and plays very well. The fretboard and neck are very fast and the humbuckers sound so great. I couldn’t be happier with this guitar. Before this, I played mostly...
  20. Notslavvy

    Gibson Custom Historic 1962 Les Paul/ SG Standard VOS (2006) Guitar Center Limited Edition (#125/200

    Gibson informed me this serial number belongs to a 2006 Custom Historic 62 Reissue It was only made for a year as a limited run by Guitar Center, there are 200 in existence! Stock grovers ABR1 stoptail Classic 57’s Larger neck profile The only other one I can find online from this run is from...