gordon smith

  1. Simon Bradshaw

    My beloved GSG

    Mid 90's Gordon Smith SG. This guitar has been through a few changes over the years but has ended up thus: Kluson tuners, Tusq nut, Axesrus Alnico 5 humbuckers, Kluson wraparound bridge, 1 Set of vol/tone pots removed, diy scratchplate. It plays and sounds amazing. Whenever it goes on an outing...
  2. S

    NGD - Gordon Smith GS1000

    After a long wait my built-to-order Gordon Smith GS1000 finally arrived. At times I did wonder if I’d done the right thing – it was quite a gamble, and cost about the same as a Gibson SG Junior, so not a trivial amount to me… But the gamble has paid off – although it’s not all good news. First...

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