1. W

    Cleaning my 2009 Gibson SG special faded, worn cherry

    Hi guys, My Gibson SG special faded has a lot of fretboard gunk on it. Does anyone have some tips on how to clean it properly? Can I use lemon oil on it? The guitar has a baked maple fretboard. The body is also collecting a little gunk. When I try to clean it with a cloth, I have the feeling...
  2. bossaddict

    NGD: 1963 SG Special, Polaris White

    I was contacted back in June by a Gibson Custom Shop employee who saw a post that I made on MLP several years ago featuring my '61 LP/SG Standard. He created an account just to contact me and let me know that he used to own that guitar from around 2000-2010 and was interested in getting it back...
  3. RedG

    Sg electric help

    I’ve built SG style guitar from scratch(the body) from an old bar top and I have these pick ups I bought which have an black earth wire, yellow/green & red conversion wire and a white live wire. (I’ll add pictures to show) I also have a les Paul solderless wiring harness. I’ve wired it with the...
  4. Neezduts89

    New member/owner of a 2020 Gibby SG standard

    Hello all. I purchased a brand new 2020 Gibson SG standard a few months back and fell in love with it instantly. The guitar sounds and plays very well. The fretboard and neck are very fast and the humbuckers sound so great. I couldn’t be happier with this guitar. Before this, I played mostly...
  5. donepearce

    Anyone shedding tears?
  6. NoiseNinja

    Tuning down a 24,75" scale guitar - at which point will it begin to effect clarity significantly?

    So I ponder on tuning my SG down to C# standard tuning, of course equipping it with a set of string that approximately will give me the same tension as my current .046 - .010 set, tuned in E standard, which I calculated to be a .054 - .012 set of strings pretty spot on. However I realize that...
  7. NoiseNinja

    Soon to be NGD - Harley Benton GuitarBass (Bass VI clone, that I plan to tune A-A, like a baritone)

    So I dropped the plans about getting myself a Yamaha Revstar guitar coming the end of this month, next time I get money, and instead I plan getting a Harley Benton GuitarBass VS, which is a Fender Bass VI clone, which again is a 30" scale guitar meant to be tuned in standard E tuning, like a...
  8. reviresco

    2019 Gibson SG High Performance Blueberry Burst! $1400!

    Up for sale is my 2019 Gibson SG High Performance in amazing Blueberry Burst! The guitar is in excellent condition with a couple small scratches on the back of the guitar that are very hard to see and I was unable to capture in photos. The neck is amazingly fast with Plek’d frets, cream binding...
  9. NoiseNinja

    Any love for the Yamaha Revstar guitars?

    I currently only own 1 electric guitar, a cheap, but non the less great, Epiphone SG Special, which I even managed to get a truly great tone from, that match very closely to how I prefer it, after some intense adjusting of the cheap stock pickups, including the individual adjustable pole pieces...
  10. Chenosaurus

    Guitar Kits for SGs

    Hey everyone, i am soon going to undertake my first guitar build (buying a body & neck rather than cut a fresh one myself, not brave or skilled enough for that) i was wondering if anyone had any good advice for guitar kits for an SG? it seems real hard to find a UK supplier. currently i found...
  11. ratt_salad

    Picked Up A Roxy SG But Something Doesn't Seem Right ?

    Hey guys I was able to pick up a Roxy SG and I've been dumbfounded as to how to set this thing up. I adjusted the truss rod so I can have as much of a straight neck as I possibly can. There is probably a 1/64th of a gap at the 12 fret. That's as much as the nut will go before failure I feel and...
  12. cascade40

    hi there

    hello new to this site but not to the sg guitars....i use em for near 30 years...and i had love hate relation to some in particular...but always coming back to the light and resonant sg...thanks for making this site possible..
  13. plans001234

    spring in the north fingerstyle guitar lesson

    Hello My remix old Japanese song for fingerstyle guitar. I think that is easy listening ear.
  14. plans001234

    Don't Think Twice, It's All Right guitar lesson

    Hi! I play guitar and enjoy music for this song is meant to be a way to take the decision.I supply quality camera to record a clip of me soon .
  15. plans001234

    blackbirds The Beatles

    HELLO I think the content of the music is very good."Blackbird singing in the dead of night Take these broken wings and learn to fly"as same as life Wait a day and a chance to rise gloriously .
  16. plans001234

    IN MY LIFE guitar lesson

    ็Hello For this song "In my life".Good, meaningful lyrics and I could not play guitar well.But desiring to people living on this planet every country.There is generosity and love each other.
  17. plans001234

    I will **The beatles guitar lesson

    Hello Personally, I like the Beatles band.And one of the songs of the Beatles called "I will" that I think This song tells about 'Waiting Lover.Very well written lyrics and compatible with the structure of the song. * I could not very well prepared for this post, but To be useful and Share***

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