1. Andrew Kirby

    Regular or high wound Lollar P90

    After looking into a bunch of options, I have decided on a Lollar p90 for my 91’ SG jr. Going with the cream cover for my cherry finish - can’t wait for that. I’m torn between the high wound p90 or the regular. I play lots of different genres but I’d say rock is as specific as I can get. For...
  2. S

    Put 500+€ in a 435€ guitar. Am I the only one that mad?

    Hello to all you SG-devotees! I bought a 2016 SG Faded T in 2017 new from Amazon. I'm not a great fan of Amazon or buying guitars I haven't laid my hands on, but it sold for only 426€ instead of 599€, which was the next best price I could find for this model. I've had, besides other stuff that...

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