sg custom

  1. splitdiamond

    help! picture of a 1962/63/63 SG Custom with pickups removed

    Does anybody have a photo they can share of a ' 62/63/64 SG custom with the pickups removed? I just bought one, and it's routing doesn't match that of my Vintage reissue, which is fine, if that's how they're supposed to be, but I'm kind of freaking out. I thought they had individual routes for...
  2. F

    2020 Epiphone SG custom

    I haven't seen any posts about this model yet so I thought I'd add info on the new one I just received. Amazing sounding guitar out of the box, I'll play it a while before I decide if I want to change the pickups. Added comparison picture of my Gibson LP headstock and the new Epi, back plate was...
  3. J

    Resurrecting a 1970s SG Custom (3 pickup)

    I wanted to know a few things about this guitar: 1) can I know definitively what resistance values and tapers the pots are in my guitar ? All four read "70-027". Apart from the date code, I don't see any other markings or stampings on them. 2) is there a resource where I can find the...
  4. S

    NGD coming. Hopefully Diamonds are Forever. :)

    A couple of weeks ago I was hit by GAS for the first time in ages. Until then I thought I had a well balanced collection and had become immune. :) But three triggers remained with SGs: 1) P90s - I love ‘em in my Yamaha SG, so the current Special in aged Pelham really interested me. But I could...
  5. tzurby

    1970 SG Custom Polaris White - Custom order?

    I have a batwing SG Custom in polaris white. The serial number (it's hard to read) is 617153 which refers to 1970 to 1975, except 1973 (according to Gruhn). There are other 1970s features: "Made in USA" , volute, swimming pool pickup routing as used in 1970. The heel joint is 1970 ff. But...
  6. nicolas13

    sg custom 3H serie/parallel

    I apologize in advance for my English. I have a sg custom with 3 humbuckers, and I changed the two potentiometers for the tone with two push / pull. which give me together with 3-way switch all the 7 possible combinations. now I want to have the possibility to choose between series / parallel...
  7. sgpenguin

    Paul McCartney 05/12/2017

    Terrific gig last night. Not a Strat in sight, all SG's or LP's and the odd 335. I liked the contrast between a white SG with black pickguard and black SG with white pickguard too!
  8. F

    Another 2016 special T arrival

    Arrival Steps :D Soft case is great from the outside! really fat! some Gibons records. First Peek! Case is super soft from the inside and fully protects the guitar! Great case! or Gigbag head So till now everything is great! now let's get into the stuff that bothered...
  9. sheehanje

    First gig with the new SG

    Excuse the sound - we are a loud obnoxious band, lol. Love the SG - this is a 2015 Standard running through a Mesa Mark V with 2 1X12 Widebody cabinets. Pedal board consists of a Line 6 M13 run in 4 cable mode with a Dunlop Crybaby. Fairly simple.
  10. HenryR

    1972 SG Custom

    Hi there! I own a worn 1972 SG Custom, which sports an after market cheap Bigsby copy. I am looking for an old, aged Bigsby B5 to replace the copy. Obviously a gold one. Then I have a question: I don´t like that big Nashville bridge, which is on the guitar. I would like to replace it with an...