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  1. Grizzlyman

    Life with the HB SG Jnr

    Hey folks. Thought I’d provide an update for those of you interested in developments with the Harley Benton DC-60 Junior. So I’ve been living with it for a couple of weeks now, we’ve had our ups and downs but I think I can come to a few conclusions. 1. Neck Angle/Bridge/General action and...
  2. Grizzlyman

    Harley Benton SG Junior update/bridge change

    Hi all. So, been living with the Harley Benton for a week or so now. Finally got the action and intonation sorted. Replaced the bridge with a Schaller 456, just need to get a shim for the pickup to get it closer to the strings, the neck angle is quite wide. My Gibson SG Junior 60s model has an...
  3. entropydave

    My SG Junior - is this what they call a 'long tenon'?

    Hullo folks, long time lurker, hardly a contributor though, alas. I've just picked up my 3rd SG - a Junior, and I decided to take the pick guard and have a peek. I was wondering if this was what they called a 'long tenon' or not? I also noticed when I took the...
  4. V

    Two Kinds Of Light

    I recorded this with two SG's. A P-90 Special and a Junior. (The Faded SG in the photo didn't get used.) Marshall Origin 50, cranked, with no pedals. Please Don't Go I know sometimes I was rough Sometimes I never gave you enough This song...
  5. bossaddict

    FS: 1964 SG Junior

    I have my hesitations about this one, but I just got a 1960 LP Junior and need to raise some funds, plus this one has the most overlap with the new addition (Cherry finish, single P-90, slab of mahogany, etc.). It's a 1964 SG Junior and it's a really great playing guitar. It does have unfilled...
  6. SGblues

    Need your expert eyes to help identify an older SG

    Hello fellow SG enthusiasts! I'm new to the forum, and to SG's. I have an older, beat up Ibanez SG copy that I really enjoy playing. I finally decided to get my first true Gibson SG. I'd like to identify the year for this guitar. I just got it last night, and spent the night having a ball with...

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