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  1. C

    Help with Location for Short Flange Vibrola on an SG Special

    Hi all , I'm brand new to the forum - Happy to be here. I have decided to install a short flange vibrola on my 2011 50th anniversary Pete Townshend model SG Special (pictured below) that I've decided to install a short flange vibrola on. I already have the vibrola from CrazyParts in Germany...
  2. C

    SG Special - Help with Vibrola Installation

    Hi all , I'm brand new and happy to be here. I have decided to install a short flange vibrola on my 2011 50th anniversary Pete Townshend model SG Special (pictured below) that I've decided to install a short flange vibrola on. I already have the vibrola from CrazyParts in Germany, as well as...
  3. D

    Is this deal legit? 2008 SG Special Faded

    Hey everyone, i found a 2008 sg special faded for 700$ while browsing my local used ads. Sg's have always been my dream guitars and this is the first time im dropping money on something nicer than a Squier so i wanna make sure everything is legit and checks out. I will be taking a look at the...
  4. bossaddict

    NGD: 1963 SG Special, Polaris White

    I was contacted back in June by a Gibson Custom Shop employee who saw a post that I made on MLP several years ago featuring my '61 LP/SG Standard. He created an account just to contact me and let me know that he used to own that guitar from around 2000-2010 and was interested in getting it back...
  5. R

    My 1965 Gibson SG Special Cherry wide nut chrome Vibrola

    Hi all thought I'd finally make a post about my SG. My first professional standard guitar was a 1968 Gibson SG Special bought when I was 16. I used to plug it straight into my '70s Marshall JMP stack. Sounded incredible. I don’t remember thinking it was vintage or anyone making a deal about it...
  6. HiclassHoboSG

    Seymour Duncan Invader

    Is anyone running a Seymour Duncan Invader in the bridge? If so how do you like it?
  7. Knightrich

    2019 SG Special neck vs ‘61 SG Standard

    Hi all, First post here. You all know your SGs! I recently got a 2019 SG Special in Pelham Blue and I really like the neck on it. I am finding that I may be more of a humbucker guy though, and can get a deal on a new ‘61 Standard through Sweetwater. My question is, are the necks the same on...
  8. Eric Sala

    Best years for a reliable & quality SG Special?

    Hi all, I’m new. I am looking for a robust and reliable SG, and after playing several SG Specials I’ve decided I like those the best. What wondering what range of years are best for an SG Special? I know everyone says Les Pauls in the 90s were great, but does this apply to SGs as well? What...
  9. trjonte

    67 or 68 SG Special

    Can I get some help to determine if this is a 67 or 68 SG Special? Also can I get on advise as to approximate value with the original hard case... Guitar is in 100% original condition, has some minor condition issues but as expected for something over 50 years old.... I would say mint for 50...
  10. NoiseNinja

    Replacement tuning mechanisms for an Epiphone Standard SG!

    Actually I am perfectly fine with my Epiphone SG Special being a really cheap guitar, it's a pretty solid guitar, and with the right adjustments it both sounds and plays great. Don't really have anything at all to complain about but one thing, the stock tuning mechanisms, which in my opinion...
  11. V

    Two Kinds Of Light

    I recorded this with two SG's. A P-90 Special and a Junior. (The Faded SG in the photo didn't get used.) Marshall Origin 50, cranked, with no pedals. Please Don't Go I know sometimes I was rough Sometimes I never gave you enough This song...
  12. NoiseNinja

    Neck material for Epiphone SG Special from May 2012?

    Not that it's all that important, even if I'd prefer the neck of my guitar being made from hard maple rather than much softer mahogany. The recipe from the shop where I bought it says maple neck, bought in September 2012. The serial number says it was made in May 2012. The 2011/2012 catalog...
  13. Chenosaurus

    Well look what i stumbled upon!

    Good Morning SGers! so i live in a shared house with like minded musicians. we even have a basement where we practise! anyway... the main point of this post... so this dirty beaten up SG had been sitting in the basement for a long time. i just assumed it was one my housemates old guitars or a...
  14. Simon Bradshaw

    SG special 2011 pickup setup

    Have been experimenting with 490t/490r pups to try and balance both tone and volume and get a good in the middle sound. Ended up with the neck pu 4mm high E and 4.5 low E. (Measurements taken from the pu body to the string depressed at the last fret) All pole pieces flush with the top of the pu...
  15. Lunacy the Faded

    Check out these two sweet epiphone SG deals i found

    Ones a three humbucker SG in creme for $200 the other is a p90 special in cherry gloss with aftermarket parts for $280
  16. Bontavious

    Help Identify this SG

    Hi Everyone, I just bought this Epiphone SG Special secondhand from Amazon. It was advertised as an Epiphone SG Special w/ KillPot. It is not. It does not have the pickguard that those models had, and it does not have a killpot. I'm assuming that it is an earlier model SG special. The...
  17. S

    Help recognizing a 90's SG

    Hi guys, i got an offer for a "92 sg special" i've searched for the serial number(93100330) and it says it was built on november 6, 1990, however i havent seen any sg with the jack on the side like this one(is a barrell type) does anyone know how much is it worth and if its worth getting? Here...
  18. P

    FS: 2016 SG Special HP Satin Vintage Sunburst W/ Mini Hum-buckers & Gig Bag

    2016 SG Special HP Satin Vintage Sunburst Barely Played. No cosmetic damage or wear. Still has plastic on the pick guard. Been stored in my smokeless home in its gig bag. The mini hum-buckers sound pretty sweet. I really wanted to love this guitar but the bond was never formed, so I want to find...
  19. S

    Strap lock for Epiphone SG Special

    I was wondering if there is a strap lock system that fits on an Epiphone SG Special guitar with the strap screw being one of the screws that are bolted on neck. I mean without ANY modification.
  20. G

    1969 SG Special Tuners

    I am having a hard time finding original vintage tuners for my 1969 SG Special (ebay, reverb, google). I have included an image of the tuners I am looking for. I cannot even find an official name or product number that is consistently used. I have seen them described as MIJ (made in Japan)...

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