tail piece

  1. Pierce Murphy

    It’s got a tailpiece now

    I bought this brand new 2014 SGM from a shop here in Colorado for the used price cus they changed out the robot tuners the second it came through the door, apparently. Since then I added the pickguard, changed the knobs, switch tip, put nickel pickup covers over the ‘61 zebra guys that were...
  2. NoiseNinja

    Minimum space between tail piece and bridge to be able to fit on a Duesenberg Les Trem II?

    So I am seriously pondering on installing a Duesenberg Les Trem II on my Epiphone SG Special, however I am worried that the distance between the holes for the stop tail piece and the bridge on it is too tight for there to be room for the trem. Looking at some images of Gibson SGs with the...

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