1. Pierce Murphy

    It’s got a tailpiece now

    I bought this brand new 2014 SGM from a shop here in Colorado for the used price cus they changed out the robot tuners the second it came through the door, apparently. Since then I added the pickguard, changed the knobs, switch tip, put nickel pickup covers over the ‘61 zebra guys that were...
  2. H

    80mm Tailpiece???

    Hey Guys, I'm overhauling my Epi SG G400 from the early 2000's. It seems to have a somewhat uncommon (as far as I can tell) 80mm post to post spacing for the tailpiece. Can anyone recommend a good replacement? Thanks in advance
  3. FreeCat

    Did/does Gibson ever make SG's with non Gibson bridges / tailpieces?

    I recently started playing guitar again so I bought a beat up 2001 Gibson SG Special. I noticed the tailpiece is a Gotoh. Does Gibson ever build their guitars with non Gibson bridges or tailpieces or do you think this was a replacement? It really doesn't matter... just a curiosity I had...

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