1. P

    Coil Split

    Can anyone explain to me how to add a coil split function to the 2021 SG Tribute? It comes with 490R/490T pickups which are 4 connector. I want to activate it with a push pull on the top tone pot so that pulled up is single coil on BOTH pickups and pushed down is humbucker also on both pickups...
  2. NoiseNinja

    My Boss MT-2 Metal Zone sounds great, believe it or not!

    Changed out the overdrive and distortion in my guitar pedal setup, so instead of my overdrive being my Harley Benton American Sound (relabeled Joyo), and my distortion being my Behringer GDI21 (Tech 21 GT2 clone), with the American Sound stacked in front of it, my overdrive is now my Joyo Orange...
  3. Relic61

    Arch-Villain Espouses Theory on Where SRV Tone Comes From

    Anybody agreeing with Hitler that tone comes from your pedals,... may leave.
  4. T

    Help with tone

    So I have a Gibson SG Special 70s Tribute. It has mini humbuckers and it’s my first humbucker guitar (have played Fenders since learning 6 years ago) and I’m in love with the way this guitar plays and looks, but the tone just isn’t grabbing me! I have my amp set pretty clean, just a very light...
  5. Buffalo SG Dude

    Question about Volume / Tone controls

    I've played all my life (almost 40 years now) and believe it or not, I've never played a Gibson before. Always been set on bridge pup with tone fully open type of player. Anyway, picked up a 2018 SG Special. Man, wish I had tried this before. This has quickly become a revolutionary moment for me...

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