1. bossaddict

    NGD: 1963 SG Special, Polaris White

    I was contacted back in June by a Gibson Custom Shop employee who saw a post that I made on MLP several years ago featuring my '61 LP/SG Standard. He created an account just to contact me and let me know that he used to own that guitar from around 2000-2010 and was interested in getting it back...
  2. Notslavvy

    WTB - Gibson SG Standard White 2010 Limited Edition Ebony board w Coil Tap and Burstbuckers

    Guitar center made a limited run of 100 of these and it was the best SG I ever played. Someone please sell me one
  3. DSC5LU

    Wanted: 2005 or 2006 White Standard

    Looking to get another white Standard or two. Give me a shout if you're looking to get rid of yours. Thanks!
  4. Koosh

    Looking For A White SG Standard

    Im looking to buy a used SG standard in white. i want to find one with the batwing guard, so something pre-2012. let me know what you have. Thanks!!

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