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    Just got an Epiphone Les Paul Plus Top in green burst.
    Pros: Absolutely loving it so far. Smooth pots with no static, solidly adjusted truss doesn't look to need adjusting, VERY resonant (surprisingly resonant even), as well intonated as I've ever heard any guitar, fret ends are almost perfect save for one near the body which you can JUST BARELY feel if you're trying to, and I've been wanting to hear the ProBuckers firsthand for awhile after A hearing them in test videos and B hearing the Alnico Classic Pros in my Epi SG, which are the same pickups but with A5 magnets instead of A2s. They sound beefier, yet slightly less output. The ACPs (not .45s) to me are like the slice of an assassin's blade while the PBs are like getting thumped from a warhammer.
    Cons: The bridge might need to be lowered just a mm or so for lower action whenever I change strings, but the medium action works just fine, too. You just have to work a little harder to play accurately. Then again, I've heard some live performers prefer higher action because the stage adrenaline makes their fingers mash harder. The G and B strings stick a bit in the nut when tuning, and it's supposed to be a self lubricating nut by graphtech, so maybe it just wasn't quite cut properly, but I can work around it for now by just stretching either before the nut or after depending on whether I'm sharpening or flattening to keep the string from snagging too much. I suppose a personal con for me is the push/pull knobs because I just prefer the standard pickups as they are on every guitar, no coil splitting or inverse paralleled in series reversal of Poland.
    Will post pics eventually with updates if any more pros and/or cons are noticed. I just felt like sharing for now.

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