1953 Fender Champ Amp Restoration?

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    I purchased a 1953 Fender "Champ Amp" chassis from a Reverb seller. It was a chassis only with no cab. The price was fair, in my opinion. Now, what to do with it?

    I took it to my amp tech to do the usual and preventative maintenance. I don't like orange caps so none were used. He got the circuit going and no hum. This amp uses a 6SJ7 preamp, a 6V6 power tube and a 5Y3 rectifier tube. It has a volume and that's it.



    Signed by Lupe back in 1953.


    No one makes a cab for a Fender 5C1 Champ. But, after a LOT of searching, I contacted Peter Mather from Mather Cabs. He had never made one but i sent him all the pictures and measurements I could find from the intrawebz. He made me a Tweed cab.

    I bought a 6" speaker from Weber. In fact, I bought two. One was an alnico and one was a ceramic.

    My amp comes back from the tech and it sounds glorious run through a 1965 Fender 2X10 cab with Oxford speakers. 5 watts but a SOLID 5 watts, which is louder than you might think.

    I finally get the cab and it looks perfect. I slid in the chassis and it's not matching. The chassis is copper and has an angled bend in it that is not matching the angle of the cab. My buddy comes over and I'm fuming because I just KNOW Mather has buggered up the angle of the cab.

    We get our heads together and have a good look and we start bending the chassis with our hands and get the angle adjusted and slide it back into the cab... and it fits PERFECTLY. One of the previous owners of the chassis had bent it from its original angle. Mather made a perfect cab and it fits with the chassis.

    He made a cab so good that the lines in the Tweed match right up. THAT is no small task.

    I mounted the chassis in the cab and installed the ceramic speaker. I used a special output jack that is wired in with the chassis and speaker. When you plug a cable into the jack, it bypasses the speaker. Remover the cable from the jack and the speaker is back in action.

    Now, I can run a cable from the 2X10 cab to the amp and the speaker is bypassed and I get my sound from the 2X10 cab. Remove the cable and the speaker is pumping out the sound.

    Here's what looks like:







    I call it a "Restoration" with a question mark because I don't really know if I can call it a restoration because the cab and speaker are both brand new. A restoration would be finding an original '53 cab and an original speaker. So, I guess it's more a "salvation".
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    "Salvation" works for me, better than "Salvage" I guess. :D
    It looks like a keeper amp to me, so no need to worry about what is original or saleable. If it sounds as good as it looks, rock it forever!
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