1993 Gibson Korina SG.......#305/500

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    1993 Gibson SG Korina.....305/500

    This is a limited run form back in 1993
    Solid Lightweight Korina SG amazing piece.
    These just sound killer and are the best balanced modern SG I’ve had the pleasure of owning.
    Comes in at super light weight 6lbs 8 ozs and is is amazing condition no issues, frets and neck are great needs nothing
    Neck is nice medium ‘59 profile which really makes this guitar.
    I have upgraded the bridge to a Faber vintage ABR1. The pickups are 1965 patent sticker t-tops.....this is what I call my Mick Taylor guitar it nails the tones of Exile and Sticky Fingers.
    Pickups measure:

    Neck 6.96k
    Bridge 7.70k

    You don’t see these often the pickups are worth $1000 alone

    One of the most resonant SGs you'll play it's a beauty!

    $3700 net shipped with '65 T-Tops
    $3000 net shipped without pickups

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