2017 SG Tribute w/DF pickup & CTS switching.

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    I installed a 4 k ohm/coil 490R in the neck position and an 8 k ohm/coil Dirty Fingers in the bridge.

    And installed 2 Toneshaper CTS pull-up switch/volume control assemblies.
    The pull-up switches only affect the Dirty Fingers pickup.

    The BRIDGE pull-up puts the DF pickup in single coil mode.
    The NECK pull-up reverses the polaity of the DF pickup whatever mode its in, humbucker or single coil mode.

    The unique function happens when it's in single coil mode.
    When it's in single coil mode and the NECK switch is down, the DF coil closest to the bridge is hot.
    Then when the NECK switch is up, the DF coil closest to the neck is hot and switched into reverse polarity mode as well.
    So it's a totally different single coil sound.

    SG-FRONT.jpg SG-CKT.jpg SG-COVER.jpg
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    2017 SG Faded.
    SG Tribute was not until 2019.

    Same guitar, but different model name, neck profile and headstock marking.

    2017 SG Faded
    No crown silkscreen on headstock
    Slim Taper Neck Profile

    SG Tribute
    Crown silkscreen on headstock
    Rounded Neck Profile
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    The DF pickup came from my 2013 70's Tribute's neck position.

    BTW, my 2013 70's tribute now has a 490R and 498T installed, and its CTS units are wired to do series/parallel coil switching.

    The NECK pull-up switch controls both pickups NORTH coils.
    The BRIDGE pull-up switch controls both pickups SOUTH coils.

    When the knob is DOWN, both coils are in PARALLEL.
    When the knob is UP, both coils are in SERIES.

    So with the pickup selector switch, you're not selecting each pickup, you're selecting the NORTH and/or the SOUTH coils, however they're set to combine.

    Definately not a "run of the mill" setup.

    70's-T CKT.jpg 70'sTRIBUTE.jpg
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