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    ok ok . i know wat ur gonna think when u see this post. i know its a tad late buuut....
    i just had to post this. I had been beging my dad to take me to the cocnert ever since i saw them on tv and heard about the world tour. So, on the friday night he comes in2 my room and tells me 2 turn my amp down and leavess this folder on my desk and i'm like" wat's in the folder" and he goes" have a look and youl see. So i'm going through the folder and i See these tickets with AC/DC on them an i freaked!!!
    Fast forward 24 hours i walk inside with my best friend and my dad. In my head I'm thinkin" i'm 14years old and im at an AC/DC concert with wolfmother opening.
    so when the actually started playing the whole dayum crowd was freakin out. then wen they finished playin rock and roll train Brian goes: HEELLOO AUSTRALIA!!! and then i hears this massive WOOOOOOOOH( me included).
    the best songs they played were thunderstruck, Back in black( my personal fav) 4 those 'bout 2 rock and how can i 4get HIYWAY2HELL and the 20 miut solo for LET THER B ROCK!!!!!!.
    Then when they played u shook me all nite long and the jack all these girls were like liftin there tops up without a bras underneath and I was Pissin my self laughin with my best friend cause every time a girl would lift their top up the pissed bogans were goinYEUUUUUUH!!!!!!
    itwas probably the best thing that's happend 2 me 'part from getting anear brand new SG standard in EBONY wid a full pickguard!!!
    thank u so much dad. i ow u bigtime!!!!!! " i salute uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

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