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Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by pancake81, Jun 17, 2021.

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    There are a handful of models I usually follow, either to potentially purchase or to monitor prices. There are multiple AY Signature SG’s and they are on my watch list on reverb, eBay etc to see what’s happening. As of the last few months the Angus Young’s Models (all of them) have been extremely scarce on the usual platforms, and those available have drastically jumped in prices.

    I would make a quick guess to say $1000 increase in the USA models in the last 12-18 months. Which is pretty drastic. Any insight from you folks on why? I get the supply and demand game, but why the recent issue. No reason for interruption on the current used supply, they have always reputable been available. Why the demand? This usually comes with a tour, but minor (15-20%) sale increase in those times.

    An example of this would be the origami USA Angus Young Model that sold for around $2200 18 months ago all go for around an asking price exceeding $4,000 now

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    I don't get it either...IMO, Money Printing is causing a lot of inflation though, that could be one reason. The Western FIAT Currencies are losing their value, in a very bad way too ! Also, the GIBSON Signature models always go up in value, with very few exceptions.

    I was trying to get an ANGUS tone from a Concert in Toronto in 2009, Black-Ice Tour. ANGUS sounds HEAVIER than usual on this tour and I wondered what the dealio was/is as ANGUS has always sounded on the THIN side to me.....After trying just about every-frikkin-thing, I was able to replicate the tone by lowering the LOW 'E' pole piece and raising the 'A' string pole piece on an SG Standard with '57 Classics, and BANG ! There was the tone I could not find....IDK if ANGUS does that to his 'A' String pole piece as he may not have to, having a slew of '59 Marshall Super-Plexi Lead Amps and any type of new equipment ANGUS wants...... BUT that was what I had to do to finally get ANGUS Tone from that particular show/Tour....and It took weeks to get that TONE and ICNFB that the 'A' string pole piece was what did the trick.

    I got the TONE I was looking for from a '57 Classic Neck Pick-Up in a 2017 SG Standard and by adjusting the 'A' Pole piece to come about .025" from the string fretting at the 22nd fret, and lowering the LOW 'E' pole piece to about .050" while fretting as above, and BANG, FINALLY, there it was !...A 490R got pretty close and covered '61 Zebra's did not get anywhere near it, to my great surprise. I figured the Alnico 5 was what was the key, but no. The original SG Standard ANGUS used had T-Tops w/Alnico 5 Mags.
    I mention all this because IDK if the people buying the AY Signature models are hoping to get an Axe that will enable them to sound like ANGUS? It was more difficult than I thought it would be, especially w/knowing how ANGUS EQ's AMPS...

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