Best P-90 for a "vintage" RI SG Junior ?

Discussion in 'Pickups' started by Junior91, Jan 22, 2019.

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    Oct 25, 2018
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    Cerebral Gasket: Yeah, with high gain the hum can be a bit loud at times.. Still, I keep my stockP90s in my 60s Tribute and go with the noiseflow:D Noise gates doesnt work for me, either..
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    The stock Gibson P90s in my LP faded DC special with 500k CTS pots all around is a fantastic sound to my worn out ears. Adjusted close to the strings and played through a mid gain Jet City combo. Noisy, yes, but that's just the way they are. With your back to the amp it's not unbearable. There's really no other way to achieve this sound without the noise which can't be heard while actually playing anyway.
    If you have ever listened to a live band with 2 Stratocasters playing with mid to high gain, P90 noise seems like nothing.
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    Hello and welcome to ETSG. It sounds like you've been hanging out with too many cork sniffers... your first post is riddled with fallacies... *grins

    We tend not to scoff at members' new guitars on these boards.
    Tone purists are full of baloney and should be ignored at all times.

    Therefore many of us would agree that there is nothing wrong with your SG Junior with its ABR-1 bridge and Grover tuners... and your stock pickup might be just fine as well.

    Tone loss is likely to be imaginary IMHO. (on the part of some other person's imagination). I'll bet your '91 sounds killer.

    If you've just acquired your SG Jr, I'd suggest you play it for a good
    amount of time, and make up your own mind about the stock p'up.
    Pay NO ATTENTION to the opinions of cork sniffers who think only old (expensive) guitars are any good. As a matter of fact, we have a number of die hard fans of the SG Jr on these boards, and they are likely to
    chime in at any time and back me up.

    Not only that, but lots of great music gets played on SG Jrs. all the time,
    and not just on antiques. Play your guitar. Make good music. Don't
    worry about what anybody might think. SGs are known for rebellious
    tone, so we'll back you up on that.

    If you found a Gibson P-90 that would fit your guitar, why not get it?
    The Tone Police are not allowed to patrol this site. We might tip
    their cruisers over if they spread poison here. They have no jurisdiction.

    Gibson was the inventor of the P-90, and IMHO theirs don't need to be 'improved." Especially if you want classic tone.

    I however, am a fan of Ken Rose P-90 p'ups. I have a set in my
    heavily modded Epiphone ES-339 and am totally in love with them.
    The neck p'up has a woody, Jazz guitar kind of tone that I love,
    and the bridge p'up is hotter and is pure rawk an roll. Gritty and tough
    but also sweet and growly at the same time. Complex tone. Not too
    pricey. Highly recommended.

    The cool thing about getting a pickup from Rose is that you can
    talk to the guys who do the work, and tell them what you want, and
    they'll make it for you. That's what they did for me. And check the prices.

    Others will give you their recommendations here as well.
    Congratulations on a great score, getting that '91 SG. Play it loud,
    play it proud.

    Don't forget our motto on these boards:

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