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    Barry, thanks for those crazy gifs and thanks for the vote of confidence on the 50's wiring. It makes me more certain now on this type of wiring because I wanted more usable volume controls that have a more varied effect when rolled down, or up.;) Not everyone is into this 50's wiring, but I think it's practical, especially when you have 2 pickups on at the same time and the volumes are interacting with each other. I think now I'll be doing 50's wiring on my Gibby LP Studio next.:) And speaking of capacitors as you mentioned, I believe they have subtle, but varied effects on your tone. Here are a few videos for you showing this. He does the same as you do with the alligator clips in demonstrating the tone of the guitar through various capacitors.:hmm: BTW, if you hook up an electrolytic capacitor the wrong way, the results are that 3rd gif you posted.:naughty::thumb:

    [ame=]Guitar Tone Capacitors, part 1: Evaluating Material Types - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Guitar Tone Capacitors, part 2: How Tone Works, Selecting a Value - YouTube[/ame]

    He also explains the 50's wiring vs. modern wiring in this video. v ;)

    [ame=]Guitar Tone Capacitors, part 3: Followup Q&A - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Guitar Tone Capacitors, part 4: Followup Q&A - YouTube[/ame]
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