Brand new standard, 2017 standard T or CME /Anderson’s T-type

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by Garold Lime, Sep 28, 2021.

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    I ended up in this rabbit hole when I saw the ox blood CME t-type SG demo videos. Loved the way it looked, loved the way it sounded. I would order one from Anderton’s in a heartbeat. Only problem is….they don’t have them anymore and rumour has it they won’t be getting any. Only pink, yellow and green due in future.
    So I managed to demo a current standard and the current 61. To my surprise I preferred the standard overall. I preferred the neck (slightly) on the 61 but the pickups not so much. Didn’t really like the finish. Looked a bit washed out. The standard was great. The neck was a little chunky and I’m not a fan of that style of pickguard though could probably get used to both.
    So, I keep seeing 2017 Standard Ts for acceptable used prices online. They seem to be a good compromise between the two/three. But I’m unlikely be able to try before I buy……..
    So, do I buy a yellow or drab green T-type even though I’m not a huge fan of the colours?
    A current standard (which can be returned)? Or, do I take the chance on the used 2017 Standard T?
    Any advice or thoughts from people who have owned these models would be appreciated.
    This will be my first SG. Always wanted one. Have tried a lot of epiphones too btw. Not loved any of them. Didn’t hate them. Some had some cosmetic flaws too.
    P.s apology for rambling.
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