Bugera and Orange Micro Dark

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    I received a Bugera 1x12 speaker cab a few days ago. I am driving it with my Orange Micro Dark with a Boss Reverb RV-6 pedal through the effects loop.

    At first it sounded boxy with stunted bass. After playing it over the last few days it seems to have broken in. It is beginning to sound very good.

    I like the Micro Dark and it has plenty to drive the 80 watt Bugera. It is a great setup for a little more than $300. A 12" speaker cab that is made out of actual plywood rather than particle board. The Bugera is very nice 12" cabinet with a speaker. I had priced several empty 12" cabinets and good ones were typically more than this.

    The Micro Dark is a poor man's tube (hybrid) amp. The 12ax7 preamp provide the "tube" sounds and the analog solid state power section faithfully amplifies that sound into the amp. It is small light and relatively maintenance free. I purchased Tungsol and Mullard 12ax7s as backups and to play with. A 12ax7 is purportedly good for about 1000 hours in the preamp configuration.


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    Congrats! That micro dark sounds great with fuzz too when amp is set cleaner in tone.
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