Cool Guitar Jams that are Easy to Learn

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    Well I love Billy and Angus, Mr. Iommi, SRV , Hendrix and just about any of the level of groove so to save myself the hassle I purchased a Zoom G3 multieffects processor. Im really pleased with it and so far it seems to have nearly all the sounds and tones im wanting already put together plus i can try out different setups of effects wich im just really starting to make an effort to become familiar with the more "inner" sort of things i can do besides just use the pre loaded patches.......course it did cost almost the same as my epe 310, both were right at 170 bucks each. "got the 310 as a scratch and dent model with almost 80 bucks trimmed from ams's normal price....have yet to figure out any dings or scratches on it

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