Epi Firebird. Nice!

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    "2010? Ko(r)ean made Epiphone Firebird for sale. Guitar has been upgraded with a Gibson 57' Classic pickup in the bridge position and a GFS 57 clone in the neck. Guitar also comes with a Gibson truss rod cover (held in by 1 screw). The original EPI truss rod cover is included. Super skinny neck. Knobs are a little scratchy, but work fine. No gig bag, but will be professionally packed and shipped by FedEx. Thanks for looking!"
    If I had a spare room, I'd be getting this one!(But if I bought it, I'd be looking for a room for me and the half of my collection I'd get to keep.)
    "But lovey, the pickups alone are nearly worth the price." [​IMG]

    "But are they worth the cost, dear?)
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