Epiphone SG Neck Profiling


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Sep 17, 2022
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So I am in the market for an SG, I was originally looking at a Gibson SG Standard but I was kind of more appealed to Epiphone's headstock angle and price tag. My only concerns are the neck shape of the newer 'Inspired by Gibson" Epiphone SG Standard. I use to own an Epiphone SG Traditional Pro and that neck was god awful. I am wondering what the deal is with the newer Epi SG Standard necks?

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Nov 12, 2020
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Your best bet is to go out and actually get your hands on as many as possible. Neck profiles are super subjective, and have a lot of natural variability. A surprisingly small change in any one dimension can have a big effect on how you perceive the overall feel of the neck. Line up 5 "identical" instruments in a row and you will find they don't necessarily play the same, and you will have preferences which 5 other players may or may not agree with.

It took me a long time to finally realize that while there are guitars I like, and guitars I don't like, there is no way to know for sure based on published specs alone which ones will be which.

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