Epiphone SG tuned to C# standard...relief / action advice needed!


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Apr 1, 2022
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Hi SG people out there! If any of you can give me some advice on making my guitar nicer, it would be great!

First of all I must say I've add very little contact with SG's. Its probably my favourite looking guitar but I had never found one which was comfortable and affordable until now.
That said, I tuned my korean Epiphone SG (seller told me its a 1999 G400) to C# standard (0.11 - 0.48 strings) and it is almost comfortable enough for me but I think it could feel better...

Right now the action (at 12th fret) is about 2mm on low E and 1.2mm on high E. The neck is almost straight, with little relief, barely enough for a sheet of paper to fit between string and fret (in the middle of the neck). Intonation is near perfect and strings seem to fit nicely in the nut slots.
The thing is that I still feel the guitar a bit stiff, mostly in the fretting area closest to the bridge. In that area there is no dead notes but the strings have more difficulty in vibrating and it doesnt feel as good as midneck. I know that nearer to the bridge or nut its more difficult to make a string vibrate. I also reduced the angle between the bridge and tailpiece, which I think can reduce some tension. And yes, I raised the tailpiece quite a bit but the guitar sounds the same to me, sounds good, sustains, etc...

In conclusion, I'm at a point where I feel like lowering the action or use 0.10 - 0.46 strings. My other guitars, two normal scales, one in E and other in D, allow me a really low action, with a nice feel all over the neck and also have a similar amount of relief (almost none).

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