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    As a Christmas Tradion, we have posted the following in hopes of passing on the seasons cheer. We hope you enjoy................. And seasons Greetings!


    [glow=green,2,300][size=14pt]A Visit From Rockin’ Santa “SG” Garcia
    How to justify hating Les Paul’s while getting another SG
    By Charlieb & Six String

    Twas the night before Christmas and all thru the house,
    Not a creature was strumming, not even a mouse.
    By the fireplace glow, I waxed my SG,
    Content in my stocking there’d be Fralin’s for me.
    The children were nestled all snug in their bunks,
    While they dreamt of SG’s, P-90’s and funk.
    Seeing my lovely in the mood for some play,
    It was about time to go hit the hay.
    With my wife up the stairs in her Fredericks attire,
    It meant; Toss another Les Paul on the fire.

    When out in the yard, there ‘rose a great noise,
    Like Clapton and King playing blues with the boys.
    Away to the window I flew like Jack flash,
    Stepped right in the cat dish and made a huge splash.
    I looked up in the sky and saw an odd sight,
    A slant front Marshall cabinet and it was in flight.
    The cab’net was hooked to an old plexi head.
    “Holy <****>”, I yelled out, “a Marshall sky sled!”
    And piled on the Marshall was all manner of gear,
    And a right fat old rocker: Looked like Jerry Garcia!
    He landed the amp-sled on my roof with a bang,
    And strummed out some riffs with a crisp Tele twang.

    He grabbed his gig bag and got down from the stack,
    And slid down my chimney, without getting things black.
    He was plumb and jolly and all dressed in red,
    With a tie-dye T-shirt that said the “GRATEFUL DEAD”
    His hair was bright silver and feel to his knees,
    And his beard was all bushy like moss on the trees.

    He didn’t waste but a moment of time,
    Filling the stockings with gear, both great and sublime!
    The pedals and stands and guitars galore,
    It exceeded my dreams of the best music store.
    He had Ric’s and Fenders and Gibson’s for all,
    And for the bon fire a few more Les Paul’s.
    He had Parkers and Jackson’s and even a Kent,
    He’d enough in that bag to fill up a tent.
    Ovations and Taylor’s and even an Aria,
    He piled on the floor, t’was enough to scare ya.

    Breedlove and Washburn and even a Martin,
    ((I knew his poor lumbar region, had to be smartin’)
    Ibanez, Rich, Tokia and Chandler,
    And a Dean he had gotten from a panhandler.
    Somehow they fit on the floor without crammin’,
    Enough for an army to join in the jammin’!

    In a minute or two, (I didn’t look at the clock.),
    Without a sound check, he was ready to Rock!
    Playing Knopfler, Pink Floyd and Eddy LaRue,
    He’d bought out the warehouse in Kalamazoo!
    He played Beck and Krieger and Stevie and Page,
    (I wish I could play like that at his age.)
    He had Tele’s and Strats and a Custom SG,
    And my eyes lit right up. The SG was for me!
    So I asked this old rocker, “How’d you know my desire?”
    He said, “Easy my son, your Les Paul’s in the fire.”
    I laughed and accepted his presents galore,
    Till he said, “Gotta go!” and but not out the door!

    I had no idea of what next he’s do,
    He ran to the hearth and looked up the flue.
    Saying “I’d like to play more, but I really can’t linger”,
    And on the side of his nose, he laid his fat finger.
    He squirmed up the chimney like a chubby red adder,
    The fire was burning… but that didn’t matter.
    He got on the roof and I heard him decree,
    “That fire nearly scorched my best BVD’s”.

    The standby switch on the Marshall sled was flipped,
    The tubes shone bright and it started to twitch.
    All controls dimmed, to give it some tone,
    The Plexi half stack rose, all on it’s own.
    “It’s Been a Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled”,
    Played out through the cabinet, clear, loud and bold.
    He turned the rig sharply and towards me he came,
    And to him I yelled, “Hey, what’s your name?”

    “I’m Jazz and blues and gospel and soul”,
    “I’m reggae and country and pure Rock and Roll!”
    And with that, he turned and resumed his flight.
    Saying, ”Merry Christmas to all, good Rockin’ tonight!”

    (Please do not do not reproduce)
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    Merry Christmas everyone ! and Happy Holidays to those who don't celebrate it.

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    WOW long song

    Nice stuff. lol
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    merry christmas guys, hope you all have a great year
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    in my own little world... apparently
    nice tree... makes me almost wanna get one this year... naw...

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