Getting new pickup for SG Standard.


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Feb 7, 2006
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One thing that's annoying about the SG Standard is how the bridge pickups sits at a big angle.

Yep, that's why I use slanted pickup rings on large pickguard Standards, on the Flying V as well.




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Apr 24, 2020
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What would you suggest for a more metal or hardcore pickup for an SG? I was told the EMG 81. I like the sound, but not sure I like the idea of a battery to concern myself with.
The EMG81 is a great pickup for really heavy stuff, if you want to go the djent route or modern prog like periphery, etc. They are very hi fi sounding, clear at high gain and don’t feedback nearly as much as passives. You’ll find them wanting when it comes to clean tones, they’re just a bit glassy but not much character. You could apply that also to high gain, glassy, lots of bottom and treble and naturally scooped mids.
I used to swear by them when I was in a real heavy band in my 20’s, but these days I much prefer passive pups, and usually I keep them stock, unless they are a real POS. I find the tonal character of passives much more interesting, the way they interact with the guitar and amp is much less predictable (which i like).
It all depends on what you’re gonna be playing, modern high gain ‘tight’ sound say periphery to avenged sevenfold = EMG.
Classic rock, stoner, sludge, doom, blues rock, everything else = passive pickups.
This is just a guide, each pickup could do each others’ job, just not as well IMO.
Don’t worry about battery life on the EMG, standard off 9v battery is 3 years, just don’t leave it plugged in when you’re not using it as that will drain battery.
FWIW I find all the stock Gibson pickups that I’ve ever played sound awesome!

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