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Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by Ethan Kaplan, Jul 27, 2021.

  1. Ethan Kaplan

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    Jul 27, 2021
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    I just purchased a 2015 SG Standard and want to fit a maestro vibrola inspired by George Harrison's 64 SG. Anyone have experience doing that? I know the break angle can be an issue, but hoping it won’t make the action unbearable. I purchased a use Maestro Vibrola, but not sure how to make sure it clears the bridge and leaves proper action. Any help is appreciated.

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    Jul 18, 2021
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    You could have just bought Harrison's at auction. $570K and you'd be done. Of course, it was later owned by Pete Ham, so there might be some sad mojo hanging over it.

    I have no real help... but I might want to do the same so I'm following.

    I've heard these Vibrolas were terrible to use as they pushed the guitar out of tune upon use. Interested in hearing what those who've used them say and if a different bridge option would make them better.
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    Jun 28, 2019
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    I picked up a 2017 standard in 2019, and installed a WD brand maestro. I wanted the vibrola for sentimental reasons (my 1st "real" guitar was a '63 with a maestro). Didn't care if it worked perfectly.

    Installation is fairly simple. Get your layout right, (center your frame with the strap button and the stop bar post holes), and all will be good. Note that the frame cover just does meet the edge of the top.

    20190721_083427.jpg 20190721_120843.jpg 20190721_125657.jpg 20190721_135752.jpg

    By the way the roller bridge in the pics didn't stay. I swapped the roller saddles into the tune-a- matic. I prefer the looks.

    Yeah, yeah, I know the cover is blank. Sorry, I couldn't swing a Gibby cover ($$$$).

    So i found this russian guy on ebay who makes these chrome stickers. 20190726_180951.jpg
    Not factory, but not really trying to be.

    I got a split diamond from him also, no pics with that on there.
    To get closer to my first, I also installed some Kluson locking tuners. 20190721_135716.jpg

    If you're handy with a drill, and can do basic math for layout, you'll be fine.

    As to the performance of the vibrola; it is more than adequate for my usage. I lube the nut occasionally (light gun oil), and as i mentioned, i have a roller bridge. mild usage is great, aggressive "scoops" are typically recovered from fine, and the song ending divebomb is there when i want it, i just might need to check tuning before starting the next song.

    Hope yours goes well.

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