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Discussion in 'Vintage SG' started by Tim Gall, Sep 16, 2020.

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    Sep 16, 2020
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    I picked up a 1967 Gibson SG Junior and it is missing the short Vibrola. I have been looking for one but all of the re-pops have 30mm hole spacing. My hole spacing is 1-1/4" and I do not want to drill new holes. Anyone know where I can buy one with the correct hole spacing? Also a PAF was added in the neck position with two small switches to turn each pickup on. I also have the 1982 Tim Shaw pickup that was in it that I am going to put back in. What is your opinion on drilling a spot for a regular gibson toggle switch, or should I just leave it the way it is? Maybe I should add two more pots as well since the guitar has already been alterd??? Thanks, Tim

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  2. Von Trapp

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    Aug 27, 2016
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    Well, I don't know the answer to your specific question but I can say that for this guitar you need a spring mount and not a flange mount which seems more common these days.

    I mean this one

    and not this one

    if the latter still doesn't fit I guess ebay is your friend.

    As for switches I guess it depends on how fast and easy you want to switch between pickups and how concerned you are with the look of the guitar. Could look a bit cluttered with yet another switch but then again a regular one is more practical (not to mention the natural choice, beats me why someone would do it any other way)

    I'd go ahead and play it like it is for a while and see how that feels before I made that decision.
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    With so many people removing those Short Vibrolas from Juniors and Specials, you may be able to find one on reverb or the bay.
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