Gibson SG Supra, an Epiphone Iommi and a rare case (plus some more)

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    Brooklyn, NEW YORK

    I haven’t given these a proper photo session yet, but will when time and light allows.

    Located in The prime but modest Windsor Terrace section of Brooklyn, I invite you to bring your amp and give one a spin if you’re serious. I’ll be sure to secure the Dobermans and make sure they’re fed.

    GAS has a way of sneaking up to you and pointing out that you somehow procured fifteen guitars. Reality then taps you on your shoulder and reminds you that you really only play four (SG, Budokan, bass and acoustic).

    So these deserve more attention than I have time for. They’re all exceptionally delicious, it’s just a larger scale purchase is making what little I have stand at attention.

    In particular, for this crowd, I have two SGs and that bada$$ case they sold with the 2018 HP series for sale. Great case, blemishes easy but rugged as a mofo. If Peter Frampton had one for The Phoenix back when it was lost, the world would be a different place today. The Supra is divine but my 2011 SG is better in bed. I think at half the value, it tries harder. Like Avis. I knew girls like that in college. The Iommi was my Golden Child until the near identical 24 fret aforementioned SG came up for sale.

    I lack shipping boxes. For Everything SG members I will find the best box in town.

    I’m registered under this name at MLP if you care to cyberstalk me. My reputation is impeccable. On eBay I’m Thirdeyefortythree with over 500 on the Feedback dial.

    PM me and I’ll be happy to answer any and all questions, take specific pics. Play them on Chatroulette, whatever.

    See Oh Oh El.
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