Gibson SGJ 2013 - unusual?

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by mrboosh, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Good Evening Folks,

    I have recently acquired a 2013 Gibson SGJ guitar which plays really nice - and I am enjoying my time with her.... however on the usual strip down, check, clean as per usual with a second hand guitar I have come across the below points which I find slightly unusual... are these features correct for the model?

    1. Stoptail inserts appear to be different from each other
    2. It has Grover tuners, which seem to be original and not retro fit as there is only 1 screw hole... I was of the belief these were fitted with Gibson Deluxe tuners?
    3. There is a smiley face in my neck pickup cavity... and the neck joint seems a tad bit rough.

    Now these seem minor and they probably are - but just seemed a bit odd.... can anyone shed any light on these? (pictures below)

    I am not planning on selling the guitar as I very much enjoy playing it - but just seeing if these are oddities or how they come stock?

    Thanks in advance

    93e234e9-5027-4900-b4aa-f9847019d1d2.JPG 45e82981-0560-4927-9373-2bbafd7694e7.JPG 300601a9-0c70-471d-81a5-39f83b41ce4d.JPG d131e3ef-1ded-4fad-a859-0a2e946aca64.JPG 860475c9-80f9-4993-b176-55840121f949.JPG b899562d-c6c2-4289-83a5-75b7b6297a3e.JPG 3b8a1bac-4564-4084-9e0b-a2e6d7df03c3.JPG

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