Gibson USA and Gibson Custom ANGUS Sig.

Discussion in 'Gibson SG' started by zrAC/DC, Nov 10, 2009.

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    [quote author=miniangus link=topic=19944.msg243371#msg243371 date=1261460263]
    i was describing the pickguard on the first angus sig model. not tryn 2 be mean or not miake sense

    And Suicidehummer was just explaining that those alterations would make this "signature model" less of a signature than it already is. As he stated, "thats prety close to his #1 for the current tour, other than the inlays".

    Had this guitar had trap (trapazoid) inlays, it would have been a near perfect replica to his current (and usuall) stage guitar. The purpose of the signature series is to replicate the artists exact instrument, not combine the best of two or three different guitars.

    Sounds simple right... Well then why can't Gibson just do it already?? Surely they must have one Angus fanatic in the company, pull him in the desing room for 5 minutes before final approval and ask him if its any good :roll: I dont get why the always screw one or two minor/extremely noticable things up? I swear they do it on purpose so you have to pay $3000 dollars more for a proper replica.
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    Absolutely. You can't get a proper replica unless you spend the big bucks.

    At least the original USA Sig. was a decent '69 SG replica. That's why I think I actually like it better than the new USA Sig.
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    soz 'bout that suicidehamer.
    Sutimes i don't read things properly. i didn't know that they try to replicate them. i thought the artist (in this case angus) talks with the copany and comes up with a design.

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